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  3. Rub Rabbits and Feel the Magic
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  9. best screen protector??
  10. Pelican Nerf DS armor in UK? Anyone??
  11. RMAing a DS Lite?
  12. DS Screen Stress Test:not for the squeamish, faint of heart
  13. Pelican Nerf DS Armor, is it worth it?
  14. OUUUEENDAN (Custom Ouendan, Homebrew)
  15. so..Why do we love NDS so much?
  16. What's on your flashcarts right now?
  17. replacement shell case for DS Lite?
  18. DS SHMUPs
  19. WiFi problem (AC:WW)
  20. dual screen dual colour
  21. New DS Colors
  22. Best of E3 for the DS Lite
  23. What are the chances that you get a crack in your DS Lite?
  24. How many DS games have your beat?
  25. interesting idea concept for a potential ds 2
  26. Tales of Innocence trailer for the DS
  27. What DS games support Multiple Player Download Play Single
  28. How many of you have a non-gamer wife/girlfriend?
  29. NDS RPG Maker?
  30. Wii on Nintendo DS Lite
  31. Can we say an addiction?
  32. Japanese DS Lite?
  33. Ohmygawd...ohmygawd... It's coming, it's coming...
  34. elite beat agents
  35. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance-2 webbie
  36. Win a Codebreaker DS - from me!!
  37. Upcoming RPGs that I am psyched about
  38. What number DS are you on?
  39. Donkey Kong Jungle Climber
  40. New slide controller-dealy for DS
  41. woot
  42. Some new items at Dealextreme of interest
  43. Ninja Gaiden
  44. A wild FF:CC RoF appeared before you!
  45. Guitar DS Hero peripheral
  46. Tetris Warm-ups?
  47. Games that you CANT put down
  48. New game I have my sights on: Children of the Night
  49. DS Database Accessory Reviews!
  50. A Nice DS Travel Pack
  52. New R4 Shell
  53. Ncard Slot 1 Reader
  54. What do you think of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass?
  55. Chibi Robo>LoZ PHantom Hourglass
  56. Dragon Airfoam Pocket - DSDatabase Accessory Review
  57. Cell shaded or Realistic (Tony Hawk's DS)
  58. Nintendo DS Lite Pro Battle Stylus - DSDatabase Review!
  59. Whats your current NDS Skin?
  60. Dementium is the shit
  61. Good DS homebrew site
  62. New DS Model in the works?
  63. Did anyone see this?
  64. GREAT friggin Scott....Dead DS
  65. Bleach: The Blade of Fate DS
  66. What is this game called?
  67. DealExtreme Clear Case PICTURES
  68. What to do??
  69. NDS modifications.
  70. m3nds
  71. New DS, Nintendo DSi
  72. Nintendo DS Lite Console wanted
  73. Clubhouse Chessplayer Ratings
  74. The Dragon Mask
  75. My DS Lite Housing
  76. MKDS Emblems (Better Pic)
  77. What are you playin?
  78. Power Slider
  79. Slim Aluminum Guard Mask
  80. DS Brick Prevention?
  81. DSiCast
  82. Mighty Flip Champs for DSiWare Released!
  83. DS Phat Housing Swap
  84. Favorite DS Games?
  85. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Discussion
  86. What good games have come out in the past 6 month 4 the DS?
  87. This is probably the best purchase I have ever made
  88. Mario Kart DS Time Trial Records!
  89. Maplestory DS?
  90. Can you belive it C.O.R.E was finally Released.
  91. Official Pokemon Wifi Thread.
  92. RTS - Cheating?
  93. Do you delete Roms?
  94. For any sponsors reading this forum right now....
  95. Wi-Fi Games Night?
  96. Flipnote Studios
  97. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
  98. Pokemon Soul Silver or Heart Gold
  99. Is this the DS's best month?
  100. The LARGEST List of "good" DS games You Will EVER Find
  102. Just beat Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  103. Idea for next couple of blog posts
  104. My DSi connects to the internet, but my game won't. HELP!!!
  105. Voice chat DS Games?
  106. NVIDIA Tegra to power next-gen Nintendo DS?
  107. DSi LL Announced
  108. Rumors: New DSi Update Dec 1
  109. I <3 Class 6 Micro SDHC Cards
  110. Zelda: Spirit Tracks Discussion
  111. Multi Game Selector
  112. My Spirit Tracks mini review/first impressions
  113. Nintendo WFC = Fail.
  114. Rate a franchise!
  115. RPG Maker DS - You WILL sign a petition to get a western release
  116. TWEWY Soundtrack?
  117. GOT a DSi TODAY!!
  118. New Pokemon Game Announced!
  119. Miles Edgeworth Demo Out
  120. Just Ordered Pokemon Soul Silver :)
  121. Your Ideal Pokemon Party
  122. Was the DSi Shop a smart move?
  123. Pokemon - Voltorb Card Game
  124. Pokemon Black and White!
  125. Pokemon Trade Discussion
  126. Photo Dojo
  127. Planet Puzzle League - Practice Games
  128. Has anyone hear abuot roboDS?
  129. The E3 Thread - Let's keep it all in one thread
  130. PPL - Endless Round
  131. black / white two themes BUS of the Pokemon
  132. Nintendo DSi Firmware Update 1.4.1
  133. Professor Layton Unwound Future
  134. Big Releases September - Which are you playing?
  135. Pokemon Battling - For fun!
  136. Automatic firmware updates for Nintendo 3DS ?
  137. Nintendo may put in place free wifi hotspots for nintendo 3ds
  138. Mystery Gift - Mew [Until Oct 31st]
  139. what Christmas present do you want
  140. What DS games are you waiting for?
  141. DS Lite vs DSi / XL
  142. Thanksgiving raffle WINNER!
  143. Patched Version of HG Save Rom on Clean HG at R4DS
  144. Common Key DSi unveiled ?!?!
  145. Saga 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny
  146. Is the nintendo ds i a good deal or should i stick with my nintendo ds?
  147. I just finished Ghost Trick (don't worry there's no spoilers)
  148. ?!?Nintendo!?!DS?!?
  149. Gameplay Total Times?
  150. The Best Adventure (Puzzle/Visual Novel) Games on the DS
  151. We need a new tournament.
  152. Professor Layton and the Last Specter |OT|
  153. Phoenix Wright Movie footage
  154. DSi Xl ramdomly switching off - advice?!
  155. Blatant Trauma Center Ripoff
  156. Help in Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
  157. Petit Computer: BASIC Programming on your 3DS/DSi
  158. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Partial Translation Released