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12-21-2010, 12:08 PM
Well, I recently opened my raffle topic in November. Feels like yesterday! Now, I can announce a winner. I apologize for the lack of video footage. My camcorder is busted. I'll get a newer one after Christmas, I promise! :)

With this raffle, what I did was I took every entry from DSDatabase, and the list of users that was nicely generated by the great guys shaunj66 (http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showuser=31) and Costello (http://gbatemp.net/u255-costello) and uploaded it all to one Microsoft Excel Document. I generated a list of numbers, inputted the parameters on Random.org, and pulled out a few numbers. :)

As of this moment, we have a grand total of:

328 entries, meaning you have a 0.00304% chance of winning.

AND NOW.... The winner is:



...Nah, I'm kidding. Try again. :) The winner is:


Our backup winner is: Jakob95
Backup Winner 2 is: bsmonkey!

Congratulations Shadz! You have just won the ultimate gamers bundle! :) This prize will be sent out as soon as you send me your address! You have approximately THREE DAYS to get back to me! If not, you forfeit your prize! *scratches head as to how DSDatabase members actually won*

And with that, we're finished with yet another raffle! I want to thank the wonderful GBAtemp staff and all the users for the support given this time around. Merry Tempmas to all! :)

Overlord Nadrian
12-21-2010, 12:20 PM

12-21-2010, 01:43 PM
328 entries?
But you had only 64 Comments(even less since there are some comments from same users)

Gratz to the winner :)

12-21-2010, 02:06 PM
I posted on GBATemp as well. Don't worry, my math is correct. :D

12-21-2010, 08:40 PM
congrats for the winners

12-21-2010, 10:49 PM
Ehh I didn't win. I hate being backup winner it makes me so angry! Lol but very nice raffle congratz to the winner!


12-22-2010, 08:11 AM

Thanks heaps :)

PM Should be sent otherwise nightwish_4_lyfe@hotmail.com

12-22-2010, 02:15 PM
Congrats Shadz! I think you were one of the ones that pointed out that regulars never win. I think this prize more than makes up for the last 4 or 5 raffles eh? :)

12-22-2010, 02:38 PM
I think so too :P

12-23-2010, 12:26 AM
Grats Shadz. :)