View Full Version : Slim Aluminum Guard Mask

02-11-2009, 02:56 PM
has anyone used this type of guard mask?

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they look incredibly thin! some of the reviews said that the top snaps on really tight, and is virtually impossible to take off without bending/breaking the guard, which is kind of worrisome. Also that the bottom half is slightly loose.

not sure if i like the shinny-ness either. i think i preferred a matte look.

02-11-2009, 06:51 PM
I might want to try one later on, its only $7, but it is actually relieving to see that it snaps on tight rather than worrying. What I find with most metal and hard plastic cases is that they aren't tight fitting, which results in minor shifts all the time. With the shifts, you get minor scratches all through your DS.

02-13-2009, 07:48 AM
kickgaming has different colors available too, but they are more expensive.