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08-16-2008, 01:16 AM
What is FlashMe and should I use it?

To be nice and precise, FlashMe is an alternate firmware for the DS, it makes it so that you no longer need a passme card to run backups. However, it does provide more pros, as well as cons. With flash carts at the generation in which all slot 1 carts have built-in passmes, and all slot 2 carts paired up with a handy NoPass, is there really a reason to use FlashMe anymore?

In my opinion, the decision of the installation of FlashMe is not a light decision to make, and it isn’t an easy one either.

The pros of installing FlashMe are that it automatically runs slot 2 cards without the use of a passme, it removes the health screen (or not, pending which version you use), it saves battery life, and of course, it protects against the DS bricker.

The cons of installing FlashMe is that it does ruin your warrantee for your DS (although, Nintendo never checks), if you install it incorrectly, you could break your DS, and overall, it is no longer useful.

Why is there the sudden debate of whether FlashMe is useful anymore? Well, like I said before, the slot 1 carts are all including passme within their cart, there is no longer a need for FlashMe to run backups.

In the older generations, slot 2 carts must be paired up with either a passme card or FlashMe to run backups. At the time, passme cards were fairly big and clunky, and the risk of flashing an old DS is not as hefty as flashing a DS Lite. Hence the general acceptance that FlashMe is a requirement.

With the release of the third generation of passme cards (NoPass) in the forms of the Passcard 3 and the Superkey, FlashMe was already diminishing. The NoPass were flush and simple to use, and easily reversible.

However, a sudden release of the DS bricker was released, and many DS consoles that ran the program without FlashMe was rendered useless. A sudden wave of panic came, however, the creator of the virus apologized, and the DS bricker is very rare to find now.

At this generation, as I said repeatedly, slot 1 carts have a built in passme, it is running backups without the use of FlashMe, thus, logically, the DS bricker, if it ever arises again, could still be used to render DS consoles using a slot 1 card useless.

What about the risk of installing FlashMe? It isn’t too hard to install FlashMe, however there is still a huge risk. With older DS consoles, it is almost impossible to mess up, however, the new DS Lites have a higher risk. Touching the screw on the left side of the contact points will render your DS useless, touching something else could also render your DS useless. Fortunately, if you have a steady hand, the installation usually goes fine. However, it would be wise to read up on all the precautions if it is your first time flashing a DS.

What would I recommend? I’d recommend that you get FlashMe if you have a slot 2 cart or a DS Link, and for all the others, you don’t need to flash. The DS bricker is gone, the battery life that FlashMe saves is about a couple minutes worth, there is no reason to use FlashMe unless you really need it to run backups.