Humble Weekly Sale – Focus Home Interactive (Cities XL, Game of Thrones)

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The latest Humble Weekly Sale is turning a few heads.  Not too many of the Weekly Sales have been successful, but this one is definitely a bargain.  As usual, the minimum contribution is $1, which can be split between charities, the developer or the Humble tip.  Included in the bundle are:

  • Cities Platinum XL
  • Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition
  • Divinity II: Developer’s Cut
  • R.A.W – Realms of Ancient War
  • Game of Thrones
  • Confrontation

For a contribution of more than $6, you get:

  • Wargame: European Confrontation
  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

It’ll be interesting to see how much the average will end at.  Since I think Cities XL and Game of Thrones are the strongest two in the package.  Nevertheless, this is your chance to get a great city simulator without supporting the mess that has become SimCity.

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