Nintendo 3DS eShop Level 5 Deal Feb 22, 2014

The Nintendo eShop is getting a number of good sales, and today is the last day to pick up a great set of games from publisher Level 5.  The games on sale are the games that were packaged into Guild01 and Guild02 in Japan, and sold only digitally in the West.  Both games were originally a set of mini-games from different developers published together in a single cartridge.  When it was localized, they were split up and sold individually for $7.99 a piece.  Each game aimed to be an AAA quality title but shorter in length and have been quite popular.

l6Liberation Maiden Gameplay

They are celebrating the release of Weapon Shop de Omasse, which unfortunately is not on sale.  Today is the last day to pick them up for only $2.99.  The games on sale are:

  • Aero Porter
  • Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale
  • Bugs vs Tanks
  • Crimson Shroud
  • Liberation Maiden
  • The Starship Damrey

Attack of the Friday MonstersAttack of the Friday Monsters Gameplay

For $2.99, every single one of these games offer great value.  For my personal pick of outrageous value, I went with Attack of the Friday Monsters and Liberation Maiden.  Crimson Shroud has also received incredible reviews.  These have never been priced lower and are a must for any 3DS game collection.

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