Kid Icarus: Uprising Revisited

Kid Icarus: Uprising was a day 1 purchase for me back in March 2012.  I gleefully opened the package and got through the first few chapters of the mindless bickering.  I also had the good fortune to play a few great online matches and actually got some decent items.  Unfortunately for me, that was about the same time Best Buy had a great trade-in deal and I regrettably got rid of the game and my items before I finished the game.


Two and a half years later, I picked up Kid Icarus: Uprising again for the Nintendo 3DS and I’m pleasantly surprised.  I was engrossed with the story mode and the online multiplayer was still as great as ever.  I sped through the story mode and it really does feel like the writers had a blank check, they made references to other video games, the original Kid Icarus, even the economy.  It’s absurd, but it made Kid Icarus: Uprising a really unique experience.


What I’m even happier about is that online is still alive.  It takes no more than a few seconds to find a match of Light vs. Dark.  The game seems to be very much alive.  It’s still terrible for the screens though, I scratched my brand new screen protectors about 3 times trying to spin around.


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