Galcon 2 Fan-Premier Launch

Galcon is a classic real time strategy game that pitches fleets of triangles against each other.  It is bare and basic, but the gameplay can get hectic.  In a galaxy composed of a number of planets that produce triangles at a set rate (based on the size of the planet visually), you pit your fleets of triangles against your opponents and it all comes down to who has the larger fleet numerically.  It’s that simple.  Quick pivots and striking deep in enemy territory can change the game in seconds.


More than a year ago, developer Phil Hassey kickstarted Galcon 2, a new free to play version that would unify the computer, smartphone and tablet versions with new modes, clans, etc.  The game has finally moved out of the beta phase and rolled out to a fan-premier release while the Play Store, Steam and App Store versions are still being submitted.  You can download Galcon 2 on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux from their blog.  Future releases will be on more accessible platforms.


So far, I’ve had the opportunity to play several rounds on the Android version, and I’m impressed.  The smartphone version now includes a chat system and it is just as complex as the desktop version.  In fact, all of the matchmaking from different platforms are merged together so you can use the same account across your phone, tablet and PC.  The gameplay is very much the same, but handling is a bit smoother on a smartphone and the randomly generated planets seem to be better balanced.  The core is still just the same gameplay that has made Galcon so addictive to me over the years.  However, I do feel that the menus are a little cluttered though, and obviously at the moment, the number of people online are far and few.  I’m hoping that when this game is launched soon, it’ll pick up the hardcore player base from the first iteration and also gain a new audience.


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