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Everyone has stumbled across those few odd objects that might be cool but might be a complete waste of time, read about them here!

  1. Blackberry Devices Rumored to Be Getting the Google Play Store?

    There's been an interesting rumor circulating around the internet in the last day regarding Blackberry's next firmware update. Despite their efforts, Blackberry is still struggling to keep what tiny parcel of their former market remains, and their future is uncertain at best. The rumor is this, and simply this: Blackberry's 10.2.1 update will include the Google Play Store. It doesn't seem like much at first, but it has staggering implications for the company.

  2. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Rollout

    Blackberry Messenger is, of course, the highly anticipated chat application from the Canadian company Blackberry (previously known as Research in Motion). Originally for Blackberry devices only, the BBM app is now being made available for both iOS and Android. Blackberry Messenger is seen to be on the very few undisputed advantages that Blackberry 10 has over its competitors and is one of the few features that are mentioned time and time again in support of Blackberry's failing mobile devices. ...
  3. Amazon Paperwhite 2013 First Impressions - The Screen

    When Amazon announced their new Paperwhite in September, I was optimistic. A lot of other sites were underwhelmed by the fact that it has kept the same shape and size, name and most of the software. It's not a huge upgrade, that much is clear, but it is a step up. Considering how much I use my current Paperwhite, I immediately pre-ordered it and roughly 4 weeks later it is now in my hands.
    I will discuss some of the software changes in a later post as I get a bit more familiar with it, ...
  4. Amazon announced a new Kindle Paperwhite

    Amazon announced a new Kindle for early October, pretty much dead on a year after the release of the original Kindle Paperwhite. The new model continues to bear the name Paperwhite since it is not a major upgrade. There are a few minor hardware changes and software changes, but the shell of the device remains almost identical and the device has not been overhauled.

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    The new Kindle Paperwhite brings a few hardware changes, notably a new screen, ...
  5. Huion K58 Review in Progress

    I've gotten a few emails from people curious about the Huion K58, so I'll do a quick update on my experience with the drawing tablet so far. As I've explained in the previous posts, the Huion K58 is a drawing tablet on the same scale as the Wacom Bamboo and Intuos series. There is a digital pen that goes with the tablet and it factors in the pressure when you press the pen in. The goal is to provide an accurate tool for digital artists to draw and paint or even just touch up images. The Huion ...
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