1. Pokemon World Championships 2013

    This year's Pokemon World Championships were held in Vancouver and I had to drop in to check out the event. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours and relive some good memories. At the Convention Center were a number of activities and of course the tournament. There was a surprisingly large crowd just about everywhere, plenty of things to do and lots of interesting people to meet.

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    Upon entering the building, I was greeted by some lackluster ...
  2. Nintendo DSi drops to $99, DSi XL for $129

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    The prices for the old DS lineup are finally dropping, I don't think we'll see prices go much lower than this. The DSi went from $149 to $99 and the XL dropped from $169 to $129. For comparison, the 3DS currently retails for $169 which means that the pricing on the devices finally make sense. The DSi and the DSi XL are finally priced at a point where it is reasonable to purchase one rather than go for Nintendo's latest flagship.

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  3. Spirit Camera AR book scanned and set for playing in the dark

    Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is a 3DS horror game that has been ripped apart by reviewers and gamers because of the need to play the game in a well lit area. For users with a tablet or something similar, this is easily resolved. The game has players using the 3DS's outer cameras to scan for ghosts around their surroundings. The game also includes a book that is heavily tied to the storyline in which players interact with its pages through the Camera Obscura. Unfortunately the 3DS's cameras ...
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  4. Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) Review

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    Resident Evil Revelations is the latest Resident Evil game on the 3DS. Unlike Resident Evil Mercenaries, this is a full blown game developed specifically for the 3DS. With Masachika Kawata, the producer, proclaiming that it is good enough to deserve a number signalling a true entry to the Resident Evil series, and Capcom's bold move of originally pricing the game at $50 claiming that the game's sheer magnitude required a larger memory card to house the title, you ...
  5. Nintendo 3DS June 6th Update (eShop, Pokedex, Web browser)

    3DS users have been eagerly awaiting the "big update" that has been delayed repeatedly. The update includes features advertised at launch but were nowhere to be found on the actual device. After waiting around all day, Nintendo has finally pushed the 2.0 update. You have to manually update by going into the settings and choosing to update the system, though the changelog ...
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