1. Steam Family Sharing - Loan out your games

    Today, Valve announced a new feature for their Steam platform: "Family Sharing". This will be rolled out in the next little while but will be entering beta this week. Family Sharing will allow users to share their extensive library of PC video games with friends and family. The system will work by designating up to 10 computers per account that are authorized to request access to certain games, or alternatively, designate a single home computer that will have access to your library regardless ...
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  2. My first sale in Steam Marketplace

    Since my last rant about CounterStrike Global Offensive's new customizations, I have continued to play the game and experimented with Steam Marketplace. The Marketplace is a place for you to sell your digital goods that you've earned on Steam. These include of course the latest custom skins and crates from CounterStrike Global Offensive, but also the whole host of trading cards that Steam brought in with their Trading Card system. That means that most major games have some form of tradeable goods. ...
  3. Steam Achievement Manager - Your One Click Solution to those pesky Christmas Coals

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    Read this if you want to get some REAL gifts for the next Valve event.

    If you were collecting those lumps of coals or getting those crappy coupons, then you'll known how frustrating it is to collect all those Steam achievements. I spent hours playing Total War Shogun 2 to collect "Requiem of the Dead" where you have to win a defensive siege battle with your main character during Winter. I got a bunch of the easy ones, but really I wasn't going to
  4. Total War: Shogun 2 Demo Impressions

    Total War: Shogun 2 is one of the bigger PC releases of this year. Put out by The Creative Assembly and Sega, the game is a remake of the original Shogun Total War. The game features both turn based strategy and real time strategy mingled into one of the most demanding computer games.

    The Total War series provides a deep ...