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This section is probably best known for all the updates to our giveaways and raffles, but it also serves to tell us what is happening at DSDatabase in general.

  1. Our latest sponsor -

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    Let's welcome our newest sponsor, They are a flash cart company based in Hong Kong and one of the first authorized dealers of the Gateway 3DS. If you plan on buying a Gateway, please consider!
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  2. DSDatabase getting a new logo

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    Clauf, the other administrator, has created a new DSDatabase logo. It's going to replace the existing logo and favicon once it is finalized, but for now, I just had to put this up. Obviously this will be worked into the site, but I was thinking of maybe adding it to the start of DSDatabase videos as well just to give us some branding. Comments are very welcome!
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  3. New camcorder for BETTER videos! JVC GZ-HM320U

    If you've been following my YouTube account, or watching all the videos that go with the DSDatabase reviews, I'm sure by now you've noticed the quality of the video. Hopefully the content is fine, but both the audio and picture have been lacking. I finally scraped up enough money to get an actual camcorder to record videos, and the quality, though still not perfect, is a gigantic leap from before.

  4. Blog Rules

    1. All forum rules apply
    - Quite simply, if it cannot be posted on the forum, it cannot be posted on the blog. You cannot attack anyone, they cannot be completely off topic, and they cannot contain anything inappropriate.

    2. These blogs are informational!
    - Your goal is to inform someone of something. This is not a blog for people who want to describe their day to day life, go on Xanga or something if you intend to use it that way. As long as there is a point in your blog, ...
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  5. DSDatabase Christmas Raffle! Spread the Joy!

    Happy early Christmas DSDatabase readers!

    In accordance to our tradition of hosting raffles every holiday, our sponsor has stepped up and gave us three carts to raffle away for Christmas. So first I'd like to thank them, they've helped our site grow a lot, so be sure to check out their site for rock bottom prices and great service. They also have a new blog ...
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