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  1. Humble Mobile Bundle 2

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    The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 starts today, and there are some great deals here. Star Command is making its first appearance on Android after getting rave reviews on the iOS platform. For me personally, I'm looking at Ravensword, and have been eyeing it for some time. It's hailed as the deepest action RPG on any phone and will whittle away your hours during a long commute. This is quite a strong bundle for mobile devices, so take this chance now and donate ...
  2. Humble Bundle... from EA?

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    The Humble Bundles started off as a way for Indie developers to move a large number of their games, advertise their wares and donate some money in the process to some great causes. They accomplished all that by selling their games at whatever price people felt like paying, and allowing customers to give any portion of that money to charity. It was a huge success as each bundle drew in a large amount of sales.

    What made the Humble Bundle special ...
  3. My first sale in Steam Marketplace

    Since my last rant about CounterStrike Global Offensive's new customizations, I have continued to play the game and experimented with Steam Marketplace. The Marketplace is a place for you to sell your digital goods that you've earned on Steam. These include of course the latest custom skins and crates from CounterStrike Global Offensive, but also the whole host of trading cards that Steam brought in with their Trading Card system. That means that most major games have some form of tradeable goods. ...
  4. Blackberry's Recent Woes

    Blackberry, the renamed Research in Motion, used to have a good 50% share of the smartphone market. Coming from its lofty heights as a global technology leader, its market share dwindled down to the miserable 2.9% it holds now, and it continues to decrease. Most of it can be attributed to terrible management in the past few years, where they chose to do nothing while competitors innovated, but more recently, they seem to be suffering from absolutely terrible press.

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  5. Pokemon Professor Exam?

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    I caught the Pokemon fever yesterday at the event, and was poking around looking at Pokemon X and Y news while playing Pokemon Showdown. There are some great memories there of the endless hours I spent as a child playing Pokemon Red and Blue. I guess I miss the excitement of opening a pack of cards and pulling out a shiny Charizard card or catching the 40th Abra that appeared since the rest teleported away.

    As I was poking around, I found the ...
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