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Hardware attachments, cool controllers, anything that is related to a game but isn't really hardware or software goes here.

  1. Club Nintendo North America Gets Golden Nunchuk for 900 coins

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    When Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released, the limited edition was packaged with a gold Wii Remote. Emblazoned with the Hyrulean crest, it was actually a great looking remote in my opinion. The problem was, to play the game it was packaged with, you need to use a nunchuk attachment. Neither of the standard white or black looked like it really paired with the remote and fans all over the internet were left trying to spray paint their remotes gold ...
  2. Newest WiiU tablet shows raised thumbsticks

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    Apparently pulled off of twitter from a QA tester, we have a picture of the WiiU tablet controller that is different from the images we've all seen from Nintendo. Since the last time Nintendo gave us a look at their subject to change prototype, the WiiU controller still looks very much alike with several changes. The + and - buttons have been moved from below the screen to under the ABXY keys, and more noticeably, the thumbsticks on the device changed from ...
    Game Accessories
  3. DealExtreme's MC Saite "Gaming" Mouse Working Well

    Having used regular mice for pretty much the entire time I've been playing computer games, you can imagine the kind of look I give people when they say they're going out to buy a gaming mouse for $100+ dollars. I've been playing fine with an HP mouse for some time now, and prior to that I had a stock Microsoft mouse. The furthest I've ever gone is the stock Logitech mouse. I'm not the type to whine about the gear I use when I lose, but you can imagine my intrigue when I crossed the MC Saite mouse ...
  4. Nintendo 3DS - Where are the saves kept?

    With a used copy of Samurai Warriors 3DS with me, I set out to find out how to backup 3DS saves. I have my handy dandy NDS Adaptor Plus, which happens to be updated to 3.01 (and a nice little changelog claims that it works with 3DS games now). Trimming the fat off this article, I couldn't actually replace the save.

    In trying to do so, I found out a bit about the save files for the DS. Hopefully with this account, someone else will figure out how to use the NDS Adaptor to dump saves. ...
  5. Protecting your DS Lite PART 2

    It seems that people have been catching on with screen protectors. I remember when I bought my Gameboy Advance SP and got a screen protector for it, everyone was asking why I would bother, nothing should ever make contact with the screen. I guess it could be that the DS is touch screen centric, but then you can't help but notice that screen protectors are getting extremely popular.

    Game Accessories
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