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This section is probably best known for all the updates to our giveaways and raffles, but it also serves to tell us what is happening at DSDatabase in general.

  1. Gateway 3DS Review

    Gateway 3DS Review

    Initially, I had my share of doubts about this flash cart. I had always wanted a better way to make 3DS games more accessible, and having been attached to the DS scene for so long, I figured it was inevitable that something would come up. Sure enough, June rolls around and Gateway 3DS is announced. I wanted to see it succeed, truly, but I was skeptical because of the Crown 3DS incident. As time went by, delays were announced, and my eagerness sank further. Soon ...
  2. Nintendo Ambassadors and A 3DS Price Slash - What is the future for Nintendo?

    So! As many of you may have heard, the Nintendo 3DS has received a price cut. This is apparently the first price cut in history that happened in the shortest amount of time since launch. Only four months have passed, and Nintendo has already had to offer a $80 price cut, about 40% of the original $250.

    What does it mean? For users that paid in full, they will become "Nintendo Ambassadors." ...
  3. Thanksgiving and Christmas Raffle - Win a Videogaming Bonanza!

    Thanksgiving and Christmas 2010 Raffle!

    Well, it's another Halloween come and gone. As our teeth are now stuck together from the excessive candy splurge of Halloween, our minds are now drifting off into thoughts of the 2010 Thanksgiving for American citizens, and the long awaited shopping season for Christmas! Why not kick it off early? At DSDatabase, we surely are!

    This year, for the Holiday season, DSDatabase is planning to hold its annual raffle. This time though, ...

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  4. Ex4i Review (Proof of review for team, needs an update)

    Things are still VERY unclear, I don't know if I am getting this. If I do I will upload a review, but its a method of proof that I exist on the forum and that I will do my job. Unofficial team to give me this is Digimartz?
  5. Sorry for lack of blogs...

    Hi guys, its shadowhunter. I'm really sorry about my lack of blog postings and fun articles. I've been really tired out and I've got my final SAT examination on Friday. This test will make or break the rest of my summer. If I score well enough on this test, my parents will let me get a PSP! I've got the memory card shipping out via DealExtreme and I'm quite tired cuz PSP ISO files are friggin HUGE!

    Anyways, I'll get back to blogging next week, I'm really exhausted with SATs and ...
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