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  1. Gateway 3DS Review

    Gateway 3DS Review

    Initially, I had my share of doubts about this flash cart. I had always wanted a better way to make 3DS games more accessible, and having been attached to the DS scene for so long, I figured it was inevitable that something would come up. Sure enough, June rolls around and Gateway 3DS is announced. I wanted to see it succeed, truly, but I was skeptical because of the Crown 3DS incident. As time went by, delays were announced, and my eagerness sank further. Soon ...
  2. Black Friday 2012?

    Hey guys! It has truly been a while. I hope that, to our American readers, you had a truly happy Thanksgiving with your families, and then enjoyed a wonderful time shopping over Black Friday!

    Me, personally, I bought a load of clothes to replace some really old clothes, since my freshman year of high school. It's about time haha! I really got the chance to kinda enjoy the atmosphere ...
  3. Dual Review of a REFURBISHED DS Lite and R4i SDHC

    First of all, guys, it's my first time doing a dual review of two items in one review, but here goes. Kudos go to NDSCardSale for providing me with the samples.

    Review of a Nintendo DS Lite

    For starters, I've already owned a DS Lite and a DS Phat at some point, so this is all good fun. Everything that the DS Phat lacked was given life with the DS Lite. I recall people complaining and whining that the DS Phat was too bulky, too wide, heavy, etc. The DS Lite in this case ...
  4. Wood R4i Gold Quick Review

    Hey guys, this review is long overdue, and will be brief. It pertains to the Wood R4i Gold that was made from R4i DSN, found here. This sample was provided to me by Lightake, one of DSDatabase's sponsors.

    Build Quality

    The team responsible for this cartridge did a pretty good job ...

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  5. Stuff to Read II: Wii? PS3? XBOX 360?

    I am pleased to present Stuff to Read II: Wii? PS3? XBOX360?

    The three systems, all released in the past few years, have seen a lot of limelight. Created by the powerhouses Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, respectively, which of these consoles would be considered the best of the best? Why are they the best of the best? What makes one console superior over another?

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