1. Thoughts About Skyward Sword

    As we very well know, Skyward Sword has been out for a little under two months. Most of us have already played it through and through, going through the Hero Mode, collecting all those bugs, getting the Hylian Shield out of Lanayru's Gauntlet. We've done it all, and have enjoyed it immensely.

    As we also are aware, Zelda Informer had an unfortunate accident in which we were sitting around for two weeks. I took that time to replay Skyward Sword over again, ...
  2. Nintendo Ambassadors and A 3DS Price Slash - What is the future for Nintendo?

    So! As many of you may have heard, the Nintendo 3DS has received a price cut. This is apparently the first price cut in history that happened in the shortest amount of time since launch. Only four months have passed, and Nintendo has already had to offer a $80 price cut, about 40% of the original $250.

    What does it mean? For users that paid in full, they will become "Nintendo Ambassadors." ...
  3. Dual Review of a REFURBISHED DS Lite and R4i SDHC

    First of all, guys, it's my first time doing a dual review of two items in one review, but here goes. Kudos go to NDSCardSale for providing me with the samples.

    Review of a Nintendo DS Lite

    For starters, I've already owned a DS Lite and a DS Phat at some point, so this is all good fun. Everything that the DS Phat lacked was given life with the DS Lite. I recall people complaining and whining that the DS Phat was too bulky, too wide, heavy, etc. The DS Lite in this case ...
  4. Stuff to Read II: Wii? PS3? XBOX 360?

    I am pleased to present Stuff to Read II: Wii? PS3? XBOX360?

    The three systems, all released in the past few years, have seen a lot of limelight. Created by the powerhouses Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, respectively, which of these consoles would be considered the best of the best? Why are they the best of the best? What makes one console superior over another?

  5. Supercard DSTwo REVIEW

    Please note: THIS REVIEW IS NOT FULLY COMPLETED. As updates are released, this review shall be updated. Please be patient in the process. Thank you!

    At long last, I can release my Supercard DSTwo review. This sample was sent to me courtesy of the GameKool team, many thanks to them for supplying me with such an amazing flash cart. Another thank you goes out to PharaohsVizier for negotiating with GameKool.