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  1. My RANT on Companies and "Reviews"

    So, it's been about three summers since I've gotten into reviewing things for the video gaming scene. I've been working for many many shops, and most of them are pleased with my performances. Lately however, I've began to really question why I'm still doing these reviews. There's no point. Lately, whatever I review is frowned upon for the content.. I'm not going to blame the shops. They're making money. I get that.

    But what I fail to understand is WHY they expect me to review these ...

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  2. Spice and Wolf Seasons I and II

    Well, I'm on summer break, and I decided to get into the Spice and Wolf series. I remember being a bit skeptical of the series at first, and then after hearing from others to try it, I decided to get a novel with a bit of spare cash. At this point, I'm not regretting it AT ALL. The series is witty as hell and it's funny too, using romance and economics as a frame. What really separates this anime from other anime series ...
  3. Article: R4i Gold Review

    R4i Gold Review

    This cartridge was provided by GamesYeah. They were really friendly about it and I am pleased to present to you a review of the R4i Gold, made by the unofficial R4i Gold Team.

    UPDATE: Wood R4 DOES NOT work on the R4i Gold. REPEAT: IT DOES NOT WORK!


    The R4i Gold is made by the Chinese R4i Team. ...

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  4. Pokemon Trainer Red VS. Ash Ketchum

    Pokemon Trainer Red vs. Ash Ketchum: Analysis

    Well! This ought to be a fun topic. I feel very bored right now, and all I wanna go on about is a comparison between Ash Ketchum and Red. Essentially the're the same person, but after what I've been seeing, I really don't think so. Let's get into my mode of thinking.

    To begin, Red and Ash are supposed ...