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  1. Wood R4i Gold Quick Review

    Hey guys, this review is long overdue, and will be brief. It pertains to the Wood R4i Gold that was made from R4i DSN, found here. This sample was provided to me by Lightake, one of DSDatabase's sponsors.

    Build Quality

    The team responsible for this cartridge did a pretty good job ...

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  2. Thanksgiving and Christmas Raffle - Win a Videogaming Bonanza!

    Thanksgiving and Christmas 2010 Raffle!

    Well, it's another Halloween come and gone. As our teeth are now stuck together from the excessive candy splurge of Halloween, our minds are now drifting off into thoughts of the 2010 Thanksgiving for American citizens, and the long awaited shopping season for Christmas! Why not kick it off early? At DSDatabase, we surely are!

    This year, for the Holiday season, DSDatabase is planning to hold its annual raffle. This time though, ...

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  3. Supercard DSTwo REVIEW

    Please note: THIS REVIEW IS NOT FULLY COMPLETED. As updates are released, this review shall be updated. Please be patient in the process. Thank you!

    At long last, I can release my Supercard DSTwo review. This sample was sent to me courtesy of the GameKool team, many thanks to them for supplying me with such an amazing flash cart. Another thank you goes out to PharaohsVizier for negotiating with GameKool.
  4. Looking at future PSP releases: good games to come!

    It's been a while since I last wrote something on the blog, so here I go. I was interested in writing about some of the upcoming releases for the PSP. I know that this site is called DSDatabase, but I just had to inform some folks in case they had a PSP. I was quite interested in some of the releases for the next few weeks. I was quite interested in the release of Warriors Orochi
  5. FTRBlogs 5: Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver discussions!

    Hello folks! Welcome to another edition of Fun To Read Blogs! Sadly, I am starting to run out of ideas all of a sudden. I had a huge queue of stuff to blog about, but when I woke up this morning, I forgot everything. Today, for this fifth edition of Fun To Read Blogs, I am going to discuss a very popular game on the gaming market! This game has not been released yet. It will be on September 12, 2009! That's right! Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be sold in Japan on September 12! That is a little ...
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