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  1. Strike Freedom Master Grade REVIEW!

    Strike Freedom Gundam 1/100 Review Master Grade

    The review that some were waiting for has finally arrived! I spent over 7 hours on the baby, the longest I EVER spent on any model. Normally I would spend 2-3 hours, but this is probably going to be my last, so I spent 7 hours over the course of a week doing it. What really got me hyped about it was the anime, Gundam Seed Destiny. Piloted by Kira Yamato, his new toy surely is ...
  2. FTRBlog 4: 3D Lucky Star Origami

    Hello once again, welcome to yet another edition of Fun To Read Blogs! This fourth edition will be dealing with something outside of the video game world. It deals with the ancient art of origami, but called the 3D Lucky Star! For those of you that have no idea about the lucky star, apparently the old legend said that you would write a wish on a strip, make the star, and hope the wish comes true. However, today, the stars can be given in a creative jar to a person whom you may have feelings for. ...

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  3. Pokemon: Ash Ketchum's AGE?!

    Hiya to the folks of DSDatabase! I'm shadowhunter, and I'm a new blogger here to help PharaohsVizier make DSDatabase a more active community (It's big already hehe). Now, I happen to visit many different anime forum networks, and one particular topic came up that got my brain running and now I want to know an answer to it. The question was, "How old is Ash Ketchum?" For those of you guys who do not
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