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  1. OnePlus One Impressions

    Yes I was lucky enough to get an invite for one

    The OnePlus One

    Who is OnePlus and what is the OnePlus One? OnePlus is a "new" phone manufacturer started by Pete Lau who used to work at Oppo. Their first phone is the OnePlus One, which bears a striking similarity internally to the Oppo Find 7a, leading many critics of the company to believe that the company is being funded by Oppo despite OnePlus's refutal of such claims. What makes the OnePlus One so ...

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    Random Electronics
  2. The New Decade in Technology

    So. Almost 2 weeks into the new decade and what do we have to look forward to in technology? Lots actually. I'm going to try to round up as much as I can as well as put my own predictions as to what will happen this year. Here we go.

    What we know:

    So what do we know will happen this decade?

    Obviously, with the new decade we should be getting some new consoles to play with. It has been confirmed that a new DS (i.e. something not a DSi refresh) ...
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