1. Are game reviewers stupid, or is it me?

    Sometimes I don't know whether to trust sites like IGN, or 1UP, or Gamespot. I'm sure most people here can relate.

    Their scores tend to be very different from how I would score a game. When I'm on Gamespot, I tend to trust the user rating more than the critic score. I have a few theories on why this might be so.

    Critics are right, gamers are wrong.
    For normal people, eating is a very ...
  2. Nostalgia(DS)

    When I saw this game, I thought it looked interesting. I had no idea it'd be released so soon. I've heard it being compared to FF, but I've personally never played it, so be prepared for a lot of comparisons to Golden Sun!


    The game is set in England, during the 19 century. Gilbert Brown, the Indiana Jones of England, has suddenly gone missing. ...
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  3. Scribblenauts(DS)

    There has been so much hype about this game since it's announcement I wouldn't know where to start. In fact, it seems to have been discussed more than Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. I haven't played it too much yet, to be honest. But here is a short article to give you an idea of what the game is about, if you didn't already know.

    The game's mechanics can be summed up with ...
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  4. Mini Ninjas(DS)

    I'd never heard of Mini Ninjas until today, but it looked pretty cool. Plus, it's new. Here are some first impressions of the game.



    "Long ago, when the Evil Samurai Warlord was banished the first time, an era of peace and tranquility decscended upon the Empire for more than three hundred years. Then one day, something ...
  5. G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra(DS)

    I recently acquired this game, and decided to write a mini-review, or my first impressions of G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra. I tend to dislike games based on movies, but I thought I'd give it a try before writing it off.

    First off, storyline:

    There is hardly what you can call a storyline in this game. It IS supposed to be a shooter though, so I didn't expect too much. ...
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