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  1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Review

    After spending my entire week balancing between playing this and making sure I didn't fail my classes during the third week of school, I now bring you the review of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Keep in mind this is my first time reviewing a really big title (I reviewed Zelda: Spirit Tracks, but that doesn't really count). Anyways without further adieu, here's the review:

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  2. SupercardDSTwo Review by DeltaBurnt

    Here it is, my review for one of the most hyped flashcarts of all time; the SupercardDSTwo. This review will be quite long-winded, and will have more pictures than normal. However, that's understandable seeing how so many people want it, have it, or looked forward to it. Furthermore I'd like to note that this review was only written for DSDatabase, and GBATemp. If you ...

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  3. Acekard2i Review

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    This is my first flashart review ever. So I'm sorta excited. That was also a warning as in "be kind in the comments please!" Anyways, I will be doing a review of the very popular (and very cheap) Acekard2i. The Acekard2i has been made very popular for many reasons. One of those reasons is AKAIO, the Acekard's flagship (so to speak). It's important to note that most of this reviews content is assuming that you have this alternate firmware.


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  4. How Programming Is a Bajillion Times Better than Gaming

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    That's right, you heard me! Programming is way better than gaming and all of you know that too. Seriously don't pretend it isn't, because it most definitely is. Programming is now the nerd's new favorite past time. Hah! Now gaming knows how comics and action figures feel, all left behind in the dust. The funny thing is is that programming came before video games, it's just now starting to get entertaining and useful. Still don't believe me. *Slaps* Ok so maybe
  5. 5 App Store Game Gems

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    We all know of the iPhone, Ipod Touch, and the App Store. So many apps, I know! But so many of them are complete crap, I know! So, if have iphone/touch (or are thinking about getting one), I'm sure you must be scratching your head saying "Why do people like this?". Well, that's a pretty good question! The App Store is very huge and has a lot of crap (as noted before), but there are some pretty cool gems in the middle of all this crap. So, that's why I'm here. ...
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