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  1. DSi XL Review

    DSi XL Mini Review

    You all must be knowing about Nintendo's latest add on to the DS Series of systems, the Nintendo DSi XL.Well its big, I picked up this bad boy in the first week of April and now after using it for 2 weeks, heres a mini review for all you Tempers.

    When I first slid the giant box of the DSi XL out of that plastic bag emphasizing ...
  2. iEDGE Review

    iEDGE Review By Rockstar:

    The iEDGE is the EDGE Team's DSi Compatibile flashcartridge which has hardly and differences from the normal EDGE card.It has a unique bootloader upgrade process and Im really enjoying it so far.It has all the standard features of a flashcart like soft reset etc. and has a firmware identical to the CycloDS Evolution which is actually one of ...
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  3. Acekard 2i Review

    Rockstar's Official Acekard 2i Review.


    The acekard 2i is a card which ive had my eye on since its release.Finally a few weeks
    ago i actually went and got one from "GameByGame"(Great Service I Tell Ya!).Finally
    after having it for a while i undersatnd everything about it and bring you this

    Basic Info About ...
  4. Nintendo Gaming...2010!

    What to look forward to from Nintendo in 2010!

    As the years advance so does technology, gaming has been getting better and better as the years have been passing by.So today I give you a list of new advancements in the field of gaming to look forward too in 2010!

    Nintendo DS:

    Motion Sensing Games:

    A few days ago the first DSiware title which had motion controls via ...

    Updated 01-11-2010 at 10:35 AM by Rockstar

  5. CycloDS Evolution Review

    CycloDS Evolution Slot 1 Solution For NDS/NDSL

    Hi everyone today im gonna be reviewing the CycloDS Evolution DS Slot 1 Flashcard.Many of you must of heard the name some may also have the card but is it really worth the $60 or is it all about packaging we find out today in Rockstar's CycloDS Review.

    Part 1-Packaging
    You know anybody would be attracted to the ...
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