1. Ambassador Program NES Games are now available!

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    The NES games for the Ambassador Program are now available for North American 3DS users. For some users, the games might not be available right this moment but that should be rectified soon.

    To obtain the games, log into your eShop account, click on Menu, then Settings / Other, and then select Your Downloads. The NES titles should appear there as software you can "redownload".
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  2. Brief DSTWO Review - Shop.01.Media

    Thanks to for providing me with the flashcart. Came quickly in good quality

    The Supercard DSTWO comes in a pleasant looking box. The back of the text contains a list of features although it is filled with grammatical errors.

    • Real time functions: real-time save, real-time game guide (txt, bmp, jpg), and real-time cheat.
    • Multi-saves (up to 4 slots), easy to back-up and
  3. I got the 3DS!

    3DS in Charging Cradle

    All I can say is, u jelly?

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  4. Pokémon Black and White Review

    Time Elapsed: 28:24
    Started Game: March 6th, 2011
    Pokedex: 131

    I purchased Pokémon White on March 6th eagerly anticipating the adventure I was about to undergo in the game. I opened the package rather calmly and later put the cartridge inside my DS Lite. What happened afterwards perplexed, amazed and astounded me.

    The games begins with the game's professor sending a package to your ...

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  5. I got Pokemon White yesterday

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