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  1. iPod 4G Cookiecase Review

    The first this thing people buy when they buy an iPod touch is a case. A case can change the look of your ipod and lets you make your ipod your own. Thereís tons of cases out there, but rarely do you find a case that improve your ipod touch. Out of the dozen cases Iíve tried, the cookiecase is the best.

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    The cookiecase is made for the iPod touch 4th gen only. Itís comes in two version, and the only difference between ...

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  2. (Almost) Everything I have is hacked!

    Today I did something I said I wouldn't do. I hacked my Wii.
    I told myself I wouldn't do it because I wanted my son to earn his games, but after a few cracked disc I decided to softmod my Wii. Wiiflow is pretty sweet and now that I'm bored with the psp, ps3, xbox, DS, scene, I have something new to to play with.
    Hell I might even buy a wode just to have some fun

    Almost every game console/handheld I own is hacked or modify in some way
    • PS3 - Hacked
    • XBOX 360 - jtaged
    • PS2