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  1. Club Nintendo North America Gets Golden Nunchuk for 900 coins

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    When Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released, the limited edition was packaged with a gold Wii Remote. Emblazoned with the Hyrulean crest, it was actually a great looking remote in my opinion. The problem was, to play the game it was packaged with, you need to use a nunchuk attachment. Neither of the standard white or black looked like it really paired with the remote and fans all over the internet were left trying to spray paint their remotes gold ...
  2. Club Nintendo NA Platinum and Gold Prizes Announced

    Club Nintendo North America just announced their elite status prizes for 2012. Club Nintendo is basically a loyalty/rewards program for Nintendo products in which users collect coins to redeem for prizes. Every dollar you spend is roughly equivalent to one coin, but they only let you redeem for specific items such as the latest generation of consoles and first party video games. The elite status is awarded to users that get 300 coins (Gold) or 600 coins (Platinum) and elite members are given ...
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  3. Super Mario Galaxy Review

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    Disclaimer: This review was written by me for GBAtemp. I brought it here to DSD to show some of my reviews.
    When Galaxy came out in November of 2007, I was playing CounterStrike on my PC. I did not own a Wii. Every gaming site I knew were talking about the game. I did not get the chance to experience it for my self for another 3 years. Perhaps, it was for the better. I purchased Galaxy on Amazon two months ago. I purchased my Wii in the Q4 of 2009. Super Mario Galaxy while a truly
  4. Review for Letcool handheld console

    I am sure that you guys knew about DS lite ,DSi ,DSi xl and even the Chinese game console Dingoo a320 .
    Well,it is known that Chinese handheld console won’t be a good competitor with DS console and also it is
    a some kinda illegal stuff for gaming as we known , however, the advantage that it can let me play the oldgames as i used to play when i was a child. That the games made a happy time in my childhood.
    Besides, my GBA SP/ DS lite,and Dingoo console ,today I got another ...
  5. Strike Freedom Master Grade REVIEW!

    Strike Freedom Gundam 1/100 Review Master Grade

    The review that some were waiting for has finally arrived! I spent over 7 hours on the baby, the longest I EVER spent on any model. Normally I would spend 2-3 hours, but this is probably going to be my last, so I spent 7 hours over the course of a week doing it. What really got me hyped about it was the anime, Gundam Seed Destiny. Piloted by Kira Yamato, his new toy surely is ...
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