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    When you're bored, you'll talk about anything. :P And no, I'm not going off at him saying he sucks nuts. He's a decent trainer who can hold his own, but I think he can be a lot better. Sure, I understand the dingbat has morals, but he's trying so hard to win with so little. Don't forget the list of Pokemon he has stashed off at Oak's Lab in Pallet Town. Again, he has morals. I'm just saying if he wants the League championship so badly, he's gotta think more outside the box and use more guys. He has a Charizard for crying out loud, and it's just sitting around training.
    Think about it this way: Every region he goes to he gets new pokemon that he trains to be relative powerhouses, giving him more to add to his arsenal. Then when he gets to the league(granted Unova was terrible) he mixes in his other pokemon. Think about it, if he started out with his powerhouses like you said, then he would STILL only have his Kanto pokemon.