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  1. Futureshop accepting 3DS trade-ins now for new games

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    Futureshop and Best Buy have been accepting used games for trades for a long while now, and like all major stores, they give you peanuts for what you paid full price for. Lately I noticed that Futureshops and Best Buys in Canada have been making a serious effort to put out actual deals for games. They have done some great sales during E3 and have some nice pre-order deals or bonuses, but one of the nicest ones is the trade-ins. The gist of it is that you ...
  2. Payday: The Heist - No Mercy DLC Impressions [Pre-cursor to Left 4 Dead]

    Ever wonder what happened to cause the huge zombie apocalypse that was the centerpiece of Left 4 Dead? Well look no further, the newest free DLC from Payday: The Heist answers the question. Payday is a game that was heavily inspired by the Left 4 Dead franchise, using many of the same cooperative gameplay mechanics but in a different setting. Instead of fighting hordes of mindless zombies, we have slightly more coordinated waves of cops, FBI agents and SWAT forces coming down on a team of 4 that ...
  3. Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event Impressions

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    Last weekend was the final Guild Wars 2 Beta event before the release on August 28th. People online have been talking about how awesome Guild Wars 2 was from the previous Beta events, so I had to give it a shot. Guild Wars 2 is your typical MMORPG, you control a character, complete quests and level up. ArenaNet has put some effort into polishing a number of pain points from the genre to make the game a little more accessible to casual players.
  4. Yi Soon Shin Comic Book Review

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    Having an odd hobby of reading about history, I stumbled across the topic of the Imjin War some time ago. The Imjin War was a clash of Asian superpowers in the 16th century where Japanese forces planned a Chinese invasion. On their path to war, they fought past the Koreans, terrorizing their troops and completely destroying their country, that is, until they met Admiral Yi Soon Shin. Though Yi Soon Shin is a national hero in Korea, he is not very well ...
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  5. Spice and Wolf Volume 6 Light Novel Review

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    One of my more guilty pleasures has been reading a series of light novels called Spice and Wolf by Isuna Hasekura. The series tells the story of a wolf goddess named Holo who meets a travelling merchant Kraft Lawrence. The pair travel through the lands in an effort to return Holo to her homeland, but throughout their travels they encounter chances for Lawrence to show off his skills as a merchant. Taking advantage of Holo's aged wisdom, Lawrence gambles big ...
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