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  1. Summer is blazing by, what are you guys up to?

    Hiya, its me, shadowhunter again! I think I am going to start something new for now, I think I will call it Fun To Read Blogs! My goal is every day or two, I will post a new blog article about something really random that is on my mind! Oh wait... my weekends are really busy so I may not get much done... we'll see how things play out. This is probably not going to do so hot once school comes around, but for now, this will be something fun. And without further ado, I present to you Fun To Read Blog
  2. Pokemon: Ash Ketchum's AGE?!

    Hiya to the folks of DSDatabase! I'm shadowhunter, and I'm a new blogger here to help PharaohsVizier make DSDatabase a more active community (It's big already hehe). Now, I happen to visit many different anime forum networks, and one particular topic came up that got my brain running and now I want to know an answer to it. The question was, "How old is Ash Ketchum?" For those of you guys who do not
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  3. WARNING: Do not update DSi to 1.4

    There is a new DSi update floating around in Australia, Europe and Japan that is blocking out ALL DSi flash carts. Currently it is not yet available in North America, but please be aware that this update BLOCKS ALL DSI FLASH CARTS.

    I will update this post when or if there are updates for flash carts to regain their ability to boot.

    EZ Flash Vi (first updatable
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  4. Jump! Ultimate Stars tournament and Free Raffle

    Sponsored by the Supercard team:

    We're hosting yet another tournament and raffle. I guess for the casual viewers, I'll talk about the raffle first. It is open for registration right up until the end of the Jump! Ultimate Stars tournament, and requires 5 posts. You can make the posts betwen now and the time the raffle begins, so there is no rush. The prize is one Supercard ...
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  5. Djipi's Celda Retexture Project

    Looking for something to do over the summer? And you happen to also be one of those people that never played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or perhaps never heard of it?? Well it seems like now is a great time to pick up the game because Djipi finally finished his hi-resolution cel-shade mod for the game and released it 5 days ago. ( I had a bit of spare time, so I put together a quick video of various locations and how the game looks now. ...
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