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  1. Club Nintendo Rewards

    Just got the email with the Club Nintendo Rewards today, they aren't that great (click read more to see what they are). The thing that bugs me the most is that they'll ship on November 1st, 2009. That's ages from now.

    So just wondering, out of the prizes, which ones would you have picked?

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  2. Heroes of Newerth BETA Keys Giveaway!

    If you guys play DotA, you HAVE to try out Heroes of Newerth. Heroes of Newerth is going to be a commerical game that is almost an exact copy of DotA. There are a few new heroes, but many are straight from the game with new names and new graphics. The engine is updated, the interface, etc. I'm not allowed to post any pictures or screenshots of my own because I might get banned, but there is a bit of stuff on Youtube.

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  3. iTouch2 Review

    The iTouch 2 review is finally posted. I had a lot of time to fiddle with this cart, and overall I think it is pretty average. There is something about the cart that I like a lot, and it functions well, but when I actually write it up and look at the facts, it is average. I think it is one of the better carts out there, but the real problem is that the bootloader is not rewriteable. That means it is very vulnerable to DSi updates.

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  4. DSDatabase Summer Raffle! Pro Battle Styli

    Now that July has started, I think most of you are finished with the school year, plenty of you have a ton of free time, so what better way to spend the next 30 second than entering a raffle?

    The prize this time are 2 DS Lite Pro Battle Styli (a review can be found here). We have our sponsor at to thank for the prizes! These are worth $16 each, they are solid ...
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  5. Club Nintendo Deadline Coming Up! June 30th, 2009!

    Club Nintendo is a part of the Nintendo website that gives prizes out for registering your games and consoles. You do have to complete relatively short surveys that take no more than a minute or two to fill up. Most of the games share the exact same survey that are mainly, "where did you hear about this game?" questions. Once fill out one, you don't even need to bother reading the others, just ...
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