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  1. Supercard DS ONEi Review

    The DSi reviews are finally rolling out. I've been waiting to try out several carts at once before actually reviewing and scoring them so that I'd get a better look at what was available, so I had to delay some of the reviews quite a bit, and actually work on these simultaneously. Anyways, today marks the first of the DSi reviews, and over the next few days I will finish ...
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  2. Sony E3 2009 Summary

    While I was typing away the Nintendo E3 2009 Summary, I was also watching the Sony conference. Rather interesting actually, it had quite a slow start (asides from the PSP Go if you thought that was exciting, or maybe the purple Hannah Montana PSP), but it quickly got exciting near the end with a bunch of nice announcements. Honestly though, I though Sony wouldn't have anything to say today since everything seemed to have leaked out, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Again, to save you ...
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  3. Nintendo E3 2009 Summary

    I'll be honest, I missed the mark today, and slept through it. So I've just been reading up the live blogs and watching the videos from Youtube here. Anyways, again, this is to save you guys a bit of trouble:

    Metroid - The Other M - Wii - 2010 - Exclusive, NEWLY ANNOUNCED
    - 3D, absolutely beautiful! Watch the trailer...

    Golden Sun DS - DS - To Be Announced - Exclusive, NEWLY ANNOUNCED
    - Obviously one of the largest announcement ...
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  4. Microsoft E3 2009 Summary

    Today, actually about 6 hours ago, Microsoft's E3 press conference was streamed live in various webpages. It lasted around an hour and a half, and you could probably catch a YouTube video later on or perhaps somewhere else with the entire conference recorded, but you guys probably have better things to do than to watch all of it. Plenty of it is just boring or stuff we already knew.

    Unfortunately I don't have the time or money or even the desire to go to the E3, so I was just sitting ...
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  5. Pokemon Gold and Silver Remake OFFICIAL!

    Probably not shocking news to people who have been following this for a while, but the remakes of the epic GBC games Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver was just announced. Obviously it will appear on the Nintendo handheld; the DS.

    So what do we know?
    Title: Pokemon Heart Gold, Pokemon Soul Silver
    Release: Japan - Autumn

    Beyond that, we know that there are ...
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