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  1. EZ Flash IV Lite Deluxe Review

    Special thanks to:

    For providing the EZ Flash 4 Lite Deluxe for DS Database's review.

    - Introduction -

    The EZ Team probably isn’t one of the most well-known or popular team ...
  2. EZ Flash V Plus First Impressions

    Hi everybody,

    I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog for a while, I will try to post more things up here more often. Anyways, this morning, I went through a lot of trouble with DHL to get ahold of my package, apparently it had been delivered multiple times to my house, even though I got no notice, no notifications, absolutely nothing.

    I really prefer it if teams stop ...
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  3. EZ Flash Vi OFFICIAL Review!

    Hello guys, this is shadowhunter93. This is my first review in the big leagues of flash cart reviewing... Kinda nerve racking. This whole review talk is boring me, so let's plunge into the review. This EZ Flash Vi was provided to me by one PharaohsVizier, my new best friend round the online world these days. It came in the mail yesterday and I've been tinkering with it ever since then. ...
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  4. 5 Reasons Why Video Games Are the Exact Opposite of Evil


    [LEFT]As most of you gamers out there have noticed, alot of people are blaming video games for a good number of the world's problems. Just last week China decided it was fine to say it was video games fault for teen abortions and drug addiction. It is seriously starting to get out of hand, now it just seems like governments/groups are blaming video games so they can catch a breather while people are ...
  5. iEDGE Review

    I apologize for the long wait, but the iEDGE review is finally up. The sample was provided graciously by our most wonderful sponsor, so be sure to support us by buying your iEDGE flash carts from

    Our video review is now up on youtube:

    Furthermore, the full written iEDGE review can be found in the reviews section of our forum.
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