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  1. London Drugs - A Cache of Limited Edition 3DS Games

    In the dark dusty corners of London Drugs, the employee barely looked up to greet me and I was free to peruse the archives of old computer games that are destined for the trash can one day or another. I found treasure in that dimly lit, neglected department.

    If you're anything like me, you are torn between buying a video game at launch or waiting it out and waiting for the price to drop. At launch, ...
  2. Symphony of the Goddesses Second Quest in Vancouver

    Yesterday night, the Vancouver Symphony performed the Symphony of the Goddesses Second Quest. I missed the first one, but fortunately this time around I wasn't going to miss it. So I ordered tickets pretty early on and was pretty excited for the event. It was pricey, even after using Club Nintendo's discount code (at the moment it is BOKOBLIN) it was $67 per seat.

    The Symphony of the Goddesses is more commonly known as the Zelda Symphony, basically orchestras around the world playing
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  3. Gateway 3DS Review

    Gateway 3DS Review

    Initially, I had my share of doubts about this flash cart. I had always wanted a better way to make 3DS games more accessible, and having been attached to the DS scene for so long, I figured it was inevitable that something would come up. Sure enough, June rolls around and Gateway 3DS is announced. I wanted to see it succeed, truly, but I was skeptical because of the Crown 3DS incident. As time went by, delays were announced, and my eagerness sank further. Soon ...
  4. Reading on an eReader

    It's been a while since I've picked up an eReader to read a book. I've been hauling around a tablet for that purpose. Part of it was to take a number of different apps around with me without bringing another device, and the other part is that I've mainly been reading PDF files, which don't run as fast or smooth on an eReader. As part of my ritual, I've been spending my nights reading as much as I can before my eyes get tired, then I topple over and fall asleep. It probably shouldn't be much ...
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  5. Pokemon World Championships 2013

    This year's Pokemon World Championships were held in Vancouver and I had to drop in to check out the event. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours and relive some good memories. At the Convention Center were a number of activities and of course the tournament. There was a surprisingly large crowd just about everywhere, plenty of things to do and lots of interesting people to meet.

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    Upon entering the building, I was greeted by some lackluster ...
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