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  1. Is the mobile market changing the game?

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    Ever since smartphones have started encroaching on the handheld gaming industry, there have been analysts that have speculated that portable gaming may soon be obsolete; devices such as the Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable will be replaced by the likes of iPhones and Android smartphones. This discussion has been going on for some time now, but has recently garnered more attention after an interview with Nintendo's Satoru Iwata.

    In the interview, ...
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  2. Kindle's 3G comes in handy for international uses

    The Amazon Kindle comes with a free for life 3G connection. Intended to be used for books to sync and for users to purchase books off Amazon, the Kindle is also bundled with an experimental webkit browser to surf the net. In my reviews of the Amazon Kindle, I described the use of this 3G as pointless. It is crippled, it is slow, and the e-ink device just isn't for browsing. Over the weekend however, during my trip to Seattle, I finally appreciated it for what it is. Sure, the browser is slow, ...
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  3. Club Nintendo North America Gets Golden Nunchuk for 900 coins

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    When Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released, the limited edition was packaged with a gold Wii Remote. Emblazoned with the Hyrulean crest, it was actually a great looking remote in my opinion. The problem was, to play the game it was packaged with, you need to use a nunchuk attachment. Neither of the standard white or black looked like it really paired with the remote and fans all over the internet were left trying to spray paint their remotes gold ...
  4. Why you should switch from a Kindle Fire to a Nexus 7

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    As someone who likes to stay on top of technology, it was only natural that I wanted to move from the Kindle Fire to the Nexus 7. Despite that fact, there was a nagging feeling in the back of my mind asking if it was smart to shell out extra money to get a Nexus 7 when I had a perfectly fine device anyways. For that reason, I did not purchase a Nexus 7 immediately, nor had I intended to buy one at all. It was all coincidence that I had a good chance to ...
  5. Greenmangaming - My new favorite webstore

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    While this may seem like a shameless advertisement, I wanted to make a quick post about my new favorite store for digital distribution: Greenmangaming. There are tons of stores out there selling keys, downloads, etc. Steam and Origin at the forefront with dedicated programs, but we also have Direct2Drive, Gamefly, GOG, so why Greenmangaming? It's mostly about pricing and their approach.

    Let's face it, asides from Steam and maybe Origin, most ...
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