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  1. London Drugs - A Cache of Limited Edition 3DS Games

    In the dark dusty corners of London Drugs, the employee barely looked up to greet me and I was free to peruse the archives of old computer games that are destined for the trash can one day or another. I found treasure in that dimly lit, neglected department.

    If you're anything like me, you are torn between buying a video game at launch or waiting it out and waiting for the price to drop. At launch, ...
  2. Futureshop accepting 3DS trade-ins now for new games

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    Futureshop and Best Buy have been accepting used games for trades for a long while now, and like all major stores, they give you peanuts for what you paid full price for. Lately I noticed that Futureshops and Best Buys in Canada have been making a serious effort to put out actual deals for games. They have done some great sales during E3 and have some nice pre-order deals or bonuses, but one of the nicest ones is the trade-ins. The gist of it is that you ...
  3. Social Media at its best - Zellers Coupon

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    Yesterday I was at a Zellers when I saw a mob yelling at different cashiers and customer service people. Everyone holding a coupon in their hands, big correction notices outside the store and the whole place looked like it was hit by a bomb. Wondering what was happening, I asked around and it turns out they made a bit of a mistake handing coupons out on Facebook without the proper restrictions.
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    The coupon - no barcode, no