• Win a Nintendo 3DS game or a CASH prize! Halloween Raffle 2011

    Put aside your treats and candies, we’ve got something actually good to hand out. Every year we host a Halloween raffle, but this time we are changing things up by raffling your choice of a retail 3DS video game (or a game from another platform of equivalent value). The rules are simple and entries should take no more than 10 seconds to complete.


    Grand prize is one Nintendo 3DS game or a CASH prize of $25, however some rules and conditions apply:
    - for winners without a 3DS, the game can be substituted with games from other platforms
    - the purchase will occur in North America and therefore will be region locked to NTSC, winners outside of North America may opt to take the cash prize instead
    - the game is purchased in the days following the draw and therefore need to be readily available in local stores

    1. Enter by replying to this post with the form at the bottom of the page. In your reply please spend a minimum of three words describing your costume, your Halloween plans or what prize you want to win.
    2. In your reply, please also include some method by which I can contact you in the case that you win. DSDatabase members do not need to include anything, but please do login to get your extra entries. Acceptable methods include by are not limited to:
    - an email address
    - a link to a forum profile where I can PM you
    - some instant messenger username
    3. Entries will be accepted anytime before November 2nd, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST.
    4. Guests will be given one entry each while forum members with 1 post or more by the end of the raffle will get double the odds (new members are welcome and highly encouraged).
    5. DSDatabase reserves the right to change any rules at any time and remove any entries.

    Good luck to everyone and enjoy your Halloween. Please let your friends in on the raffle as the prize pool may grow larger depending on interest and participation.

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    1. Shadz's Avatar
      Shadz -
      Well I'll get things rolling and say that this halloween we will be celebrating a group of friend's birthdays by staying up all night, drinking and most likely ending up in the main river for the area completely naked (again...). It was a great night Costume most likely won't happen, unless I can get a morphsuit quickly haha. A cash prize would be lovely but then again I'm not entirely fussed. For all new members, at least make your post constructive please
    1. stab244's Avatar
      stab244 -
      I'll be in college this year for Halloween for my first year and have no idea what I'll be doing. Guess it'll be a surprise for me!
    1. DaDAM's Avatar
      DaDAM -
      I'm probably not going to do much this Halloween. Most likely hanging out with my roommates and stuff. As for what I want to win, I want to get that game.
    1. RoMee's Avatar
      RoMee -
      I'm taking my kid out trick or treating.
    1. Shadz's Avatar
      Shadz -
      Wait...For Americans, College = University (Degrees and shiz. Usually you're there between ages 18-22 or so)?
    1. The Pi's Avatar
      The Pi -
      I shall be wondering why I didn't dress up and go out or maybe I'll be dressed up and go out, I dunno.
    1. stab244's Avatar
      stab244 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shadz View Post
      Wait...For Americans, College = University (Degrees and shiz. Usually you're there between ages 18-22 or so)?
      Hopefully these extra comments don't make PV's job any more difficult...

      To answer Shadz, there is a bit of a difference. College has a bit lower rank of a connotation but you can transfer out into a University like the one I'm in right now. In fact I'm actually typing this in class hahaha. Yes that age is about right. Either way you still get a degree, but the one from college (primarily community colleges) are slightly lower. Some places are called colleges and are pretty decent though so there isn't really anything different for me.

      Since I didn't say what I want, I'll probably end up getting a DS game or a 360 game if it isn't too much of a bother for PV. 360 games are about $10 more than 3DS games here in America. Don't know about Canada.
    1. Jakob15's Avatar
      Jakob15 -
      Well I am not really sure what I will be doing for Halloween since its on a Monday this year. But my birthday is on the 23rd of October and will be either celebrating it the day before Halloween or this sunday. Either way not really doing anything this year, maybe go trick-or-treating with my little brother.
    1. SoulSnatcher's Avatar
      SoulSnatcher -
      I'm not going out for Halloween this year. I'll be busy stuffing my face with candy at home. As for what I would like to win, a 3DS game would be nice.
    1. emugirl1994's Avatar
      emugirl1994 -
      I have such exciting plans for Halloween. I'm taking my driving test on Halloween and it'll make it or break it for me since it would be my 3rd time. I'll either be very depressed that day if I fail and have to wait 6 months to reapply for a license that I'd eat candy until I threw up or I'll be a teenager raising hell cruising neighborhood streets harassing little kids. As to what I'd want to win, I'd like a copy of Pokemon White!
    1. Overlord Nadrian's Avatar
      Overlord Nadrian -
      Dunno yet, probably going over to a friend's to do a horror-themed movie marathon, but then again I have uni to attend and lots of stuff to learn and practice. Oh well,I'll just have some fun first and then do the learning.


      Would be cool if there were a Halloween-themed prize (although I wouldn't have a clue what that could be). :P

      EDIT: seriously, GTFO vBulletin and stop removing all my enters!
    1. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
      PharaohsVizier -
      Yes, vBulletin has been really testing my patience. I want to move to something like IPB, their product actually works as advertised... -.-
    1. Overlord Nadrian's Avatar
      Overlord Nadrian -
      Well, if anything I would use SMF or an older vBulletin version, as those work. I can't say I like the new IPB, though the old ones are decent.

      Or, you could create new forum software by yourself, like retrohead did :P

      EDIT: enters!
    1. shadowhunter's Avatar
      shadowhunter -
      Probably going to hide behind my window pane and scare people who take too much candy That's always fun to do. Entered!
    1. bryceton@RFD's Avatar
      bryceton@RFD -
      Im not going trick or treating this year. probably hide from the trick or treaters. and surf dsdatabase!
    1. vilmark's Avatar
      vilmark -
      Im splitting duties between handing out candy and taking my daughters trick or treating.

      rfd name vilmark.
    1. TheDude79@RFD's Avatar
      TheDude79@RFD -
      Gonna take the two year old out somewhere. I'm dressing up as a hotdog and he's going as a ketchup packet. Oh yeah!
    1. fenk@RFD's Avatar
      fenk@RFD -
      You've really helped me understand the iessus. Thanks.
    1. jeremys0033@RFD's Avatar
      jeremys0033@RFD -
      It's spooky how cleevr some ppl are. Thanks!
    1. wolf30@RFD's Avatar
      wolf30@RFD -
      I'm hoping to find a kato costume from the green hornet series. My plans for halloween are to stay home and watch scary movies.

      RFD username: wolf30
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