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    Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this review! First off, a special thanks to DealExtreme for supplying me with this review sample!
    My first impression of this mouse when I got it right out of its packaging was rather… A high expectation, to say the least. When I received the product it came in a nice package, looked real fancy, kind of like a replica mouse for an Apple Mac. Let’s get more in depth, shall we?
    The packaging was actually quite incredible, it was able to hold the mouse in place and keep the thing intact from any rough journey.

    Just a few pictures of the case and mouse that is being held:
    As well as this solid, plastic case, the mouse also came covered in a red bubble wrap within the package. The packaging is very sturdy and doesn’t look like it will break any time soon!
    The back of the package also has the information about this mouse, including the specifications, the technical specifications, and the “quality assurance” which states that there is a one year warranty from the project purchase date, which is very useful, in case it breaks.
    Overall, the packaging is very basic, hard plastic to cover the mouse, specifications on the back, and stickers that read 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse, Quality Guaranteed. I give the packaging a 10/10. It is solid, sturdy, and the mouse would have a hard time to break with the zero amount of “wiggle room” it has within the case itself, it looks like a good knock off from Apple, ** it reminds me somewhat of the iPod Touch cases that are sold with it.
    The hardware is somewhat like every other wireless optical mouse, the basic 2.4GHz RF carrier, the nano receiver to plug into your laptop so you can actually use the mouse, but this one also includes a little “DPI” button, which means Dots Per Inch. Basically what it does is it can tone down or increase the speed of the mouse, it’s very useful when doing stuff like editing photos, and even when the mouse sensitivity is too high.
    Just a picture of the upper and bottom side of the mouse:
    Now the one problem I had with this mouse, and it still bugs me, is the tough right click button. When I first got this mouse, I opened it up and had a try using all the buttons on it to make sure it worked(since I was not at home), the right button seemed to refuse to actually make the clicking noise like the left click did. So I played around with it, and tried using the mouse on my computer, and it felt more or less sticky, it was real bad and I actually had to force the mouse button off the hinge it was being held by, and get under the plastic so I could press it by myself. It was no satisfying knowing that the right click button did not work, it was rather annoying since I use it constantly and it will still sometimes refuse to work. I am not sure if it was the mouse I got, or shipping messing it up, but it irked me quite a bit. Now the right click works “almost” properly. I say “almost” because it still does stick occasionally, but will usually give way if I flick the button or apply force to it. On top of the right click not working when I got it, it seems either my computer does not like the mouse, or it may be faulty, but the centre click of the wheel refuses to open new tabs when using FireFox. I use my other wireless mouse, a Verbatim branded one, and it works fine.
    Now, let’s turn onto the bottom side of the mouse, shall we? It took me awhile to figure it out, but I found out that the receiver was hidden just above the battery placement for the mouse, a pretty decent spot to store it. Now the batteries are triple A (AAA) and not included, which is kind of a downside because I had to scour my house, but that doesn’t matter.
    Just a picture of the bottom of the mouse:
    What matters is whenever I try to place the batteries into spot, and flick the switch to the on position, sometimes it does not register. I move the battery on the right and pull it halfway out, and then it turns on. I did not realize it had to take this much precision to make a mouse turn on. It is ridiculous that I need to place the batteries just perfectly so that it registers and turns on.
    Continuing on the bottom of the mouse, you see the optical laser. It works very well and there is not much to complain about it, it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.
    Now moving above the laser is a little sticker and words right above the sticker that is barely readable on the photo, but the letters say “Connect”. I was assuming under the sticker would have been a connect button to connect to the mouse, but since it does it automatically, there really is no need for it but I decided to take a look at it under the sticker anyways. To my surprise, there was nothing but a piece of the main board under the sticker, not even a button!
    I am surprised the company who made this mouse did not even fill this hole, it seems like this mouse is just a knock-off from the other company who originally made this mouse. I am not sure whether the button was lost, or the sticker was purposely placed there, but I am going to go with purposely placed so no one would see it.
    Now, let’s go over what the pros and cons of this mouse are:
    Sleek, nice design
    The scroll wheel scrolls nicely
    The “DPI” button is a nice addition
    Compatible with Mac and Windows
    Works on many surfaces
    On/Off button so you do not have to waste batteries
    Right mouse click does not work well
    Centre wheel click does not work
    Batteries need to be placed precisely
    Connect button does not have an actual button, but just a sticker over it, proving the “Connect” even more useless
    Random disconnects (Mouse powers off randomly)
    Overall, the hardware, for the price of the mouse (which was $10) is adequate. You get what you pay for which isn’t much, but is a nice mouse that will probably last awhile until you can find a good one.
    Packaging: 9/10
    Hardware: 4.5/10
    I give the hardware a lower mark because even though the mouse is only $10, I do not like the fact that the right click was basically broken, the mouse itself randomly turns off, and the centre click does not work, but the DPI button is a good addition, so is the design of the mouse.
    Calculated Total: 13.5/20
    My total: 11.5/20
    The mouse in my opinion is not really worth the buy, you could probably found a mouse of equal value that had a bit better quality, and a few buttons that actually work!
    Once again, I would like to thank DealExtreme for giving me this review sample!

    Just a little end note: Sorry if this isn't relevant to the site, but it is electronics related and thought it would be a good post...

    EDIT: It seems after reinstalling my mouse drivers(Syanaptic drivers) the middle mouse click seems to work now... Very odd. Since it works I have now switched my score up by a minor amount since it is a minor thing, but all the better that it works!
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