(Almost) Everything I have is hacked!

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Today I did something I said I wouldn't do. I hacked my Wii.
I told myself I wouldn't do it because I wanted my son to earn his games, but after a few cracked disc I decided to softmod my Wii. Wiiflow is pretty sweet and now that I'm bored with the psp, ps3, xbox, DS, scene, I have something new to to play with.
Hell I might even buy a wode just to have some fun

Almost every game console/handheld I own is hacked or modify in some way
  • PS3 - Hacked
  • XBOX 360 - jtaged
  • PS2 - FreeMCBoot
  • N64 - NEO N64 Myth Cart
  • Wii - Hacked
  • PSP - Hacked
  • DS/DSi/3DS - Flash carts
  • GBA Micro - Flash carts
  • iPod touch - Hacked
Even my my cheap Sansa Fuze is rockboxed.

I said almost because my GameCube is still mod free and hiding in a box somewhere.

So I'm wondering if anyone here is like me, is all your stuff modded too?

I'm a pirate and yes I have a pretty big collection of "back ups", but I didn't mod my stuff to pirate games, I did it because I'm curious and it's pretty damn fun.
More than half the games I pirate I don't even touch.
So than why do I even bother downloading them if I don't touch them??
Simple answer: It's better to have it and not want it than to want it and not have it. And to show off when friends and family are over.
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  1. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Heh, I know what you mean. Even if it isn't for piracy, I like to have my devices hacked or unlocked or customized just to say I can. That said, how is the NEO N64 Myth Cart? I was very interested in purchasing one before my N64 controllers went all wonky on me. They are cheap to replace though.
  2. Overlord Nadrian's Avatar
    Ditto to everything RoMee said, except for the N64, PS2 and X360, as I don't own those ;-;

    I also hacked my DSi with Sudokuhax before that became unavailable and blocked.

    Also, ditto to what PharaohsVizier said.
  3. Jakob15's Avatar
    I thought you weren't allowed to post these kind of blogs.
  4. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jakob15
    I thought you weren't allowed to post these kind of blogs.
    So long as there is no explicit references, it's fine.
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