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There has been so much hype about this game since it's announcement I wouldn't know where to start. In fact, it seems to have been discussed more than Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. I haven't played it too much yet, to be honest. But here is a short article to give you an idea of what the game is about, if you didn't already know.

The game's mechanics can be summed up with a single sentence: "Write anything, solve anything." That's what it says on the box, and that's it in it's entirety. It doesn't seem like much, but it is, and a whole lot more.

Scribblenauts is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. The graphics aren't great, but they aren't bad, either. The graphics look very similar to Drawn To Life. It's not too surprising, since Scribblenauts and Drawn To Life were both done by 5th Cell.

I wasn't looking for too much here, since the gameplay is supposed to make up for it.

Gameplay & Controls
I put these two together, since they pretty much go hand-in-hand.

Your goal in each level is to get the Starite. Simple enough, eh?

There's not much to be said about the controls. The D-Pad and B,A,X,Y moves the camera around. You move around by tapping certain areas on your screen. Item interaction is also initiated by tapping on the touch screen. By tapping on yourself, you can then drop the item you were originally holding.

In Scribblenauts, walking is not your only option. No, you can now travel in style! Cars, airplanes, and other things you can't think of are alternative means of transportation. These are probably pretty critical in puzzle-solving.

..Didn't I mention puzzle-solving yet?

There are over 200 puzzles in Scribblenauts, or so I've heard. On the upper right hand corner of your screen is a wordpad. Your objective is to solve the puzzles by conjuring up items using your wordpad. You can write almost ANYTHING you want in it, like a dog, a bear, a fire extinguisher, a flamethrower, a ladder, a springboard, etc. You get the idea. Supposedly, there are 10000 different words in Scribblenauts word database.

..That's a lot!

Wait a moment before you start writing stuff, though. There are limitations on what you can do. Swear words, words about sex and copyrighted words, are not allowed. Terms pertaining to race to race/ethnicity, words that are not objects, and words that are not in the dictionary are also not allowed.

The thing I like most about this game is that your options are virtually limitless. You can solve puzzles in many different ways which makes it very replayable.

I'm definitely liking it so far, and it seems to live up to it's hype. That's it for now! I'm off to Scribble some more.
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  1. TheNeck's Avatar
    I forgot all about this game, thanks for reminding me. Also i am playing it right now. So far i love the puzzle aspect of the game. So far everything ive typed i could use. Like nuclear bomb, but then i killed myself. LOL
  2. benjaminlibl's Avatar
    Have you tried "President" yet? It's pretty funny. On one of the last levels of the first area, you have to collect 3 flowers. I tried using him to kill a bee but he just walked around picking flowers.
  3. TheNeck's Avatar
    Yeah i tried president on the title screen to unlock a picture, the same with alien, and either dog or cat.
  4. touchtoomuch's Avatar
    Hahha iv got this game aswell (also mini ninjas) Its also a great game, very addictive
  5. popoffka's Avatar
    Awesome game, I've already tried it and it's REALLY good!
  6. ZPE's Avatar
    You failed to mention how frustrating the controls can be to many players. I just about managed to grasp the controls but the action levels which require a lot of quick moment are very difficult. Not because of their design but accidents made by me getting out of a vehicle or running into the water with a shark. I'd say it's a good game but not necessarily GotY material as many gaming sites were hyping it up to be. Mario and Lugi: Bowser's Inside Story takes that crown for me.
  7. omgpwn666's Avatar
    Use the cheat thing,so you can walk without stylus. lol
  8. Stanley Opar's Avatar
    this game is incredible anything you type in will come to life!...I haven't found a single thing that can stump this game but for a tip! "Time Machine" - Takes you to the Future and Medieval Times "Teleporter" - Takes you to the Fifth Cell Staff room and some Weird Vampire cave with a "behemoth" Fifth cell - Fifth Cell Logo Saddle + Mind control device = Ride any Savage Beast! RIck Roll - has the singer pop up then blow up O_O jackson - A dancing white guy @_@ all your base are belong to us - a base with a alien in it?... Glad I could help! ^_^
  9. rooket's Avatar
    I played this a bit, not sure why I expected more. At least if I draw a gun it helps in a lot of stages lol. They should make a war game like this. It's crazy what kinds of different weapons they let you draw in this. I wonder if I can draw napalm :P I even drew molotovs in it lol.
  10. aztecdude1's Avatar
    fun game some challenges can be hard but fun at the end. fun just to play on front screen lol.
  11. zonkuya's Avatar
    This is a nice game to show off to my cousins who are jaded with their psp's
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