Battlefield 3 - Origin Fails.... big time

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After getting people hyped up for the Battlefield 3 release for ages, EA screws up again. Having cut off the use of Steam, EA released PC versions of Battlefield 3 exclusively on EA's digital distribution platform called Origin. I don't know why they would do that given that Steam has a solid platform and a very loyal set of fans, perhaps EA wanted a piece of the pie. You'd think after making such a big gamble, possibly alienating users from buying Battlefield 3 at all, that they'd at least put the effort to make Origin as flawless as possible.

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I'll admit Origin has come a long way from the EA Download Manager I used to use. It is a lot nicer aesthetically and seems to have new functions left and right. It's no Steam-killer, but I thought that it did a good job as a substitute if they got people on it. Here's where it all falls apart though. It can't activate a game...

EA's activation server has been down for more than 3 hours now, people who've preordered and bought Battlefield 3 are stuck waiting at an endless grey circle. Some people got by early, some people got lucky, but a MASSIVE amount of users (including me) are stuck without a game... Will I be switching to Origin any time soon? Not before this mess, and definitely not now...


  1. Overlord Nadrian's Avatar
    EA's online services have always sucked, and unless EA start using some common sense, they will never get out of the suck-phase.

    I also keep laughing at the stories people post of contacting EA's support. If you hire cheap Indians as Tech Support, at least hire people that are not absolutely retarded.
  2. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Yea seems like there's been a trend of this happening on Battlefield titles. I've been reading about people getting cut off in live chat if they were asking about the activation problems... lol
  3. Shadz's Avatar
    EA has never been good with service. I'm still pissed that they stopped all Battle for Middle Earth servers a few years back.
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