DealExtreme Gaming Mouse, pretty acceptable!

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Today, what I am reviewing is yet another mouse that I ordered awhile back, and have been somewhat satisfied with lately. Although, there are a few setbacks with the mouse, it is overall a pretty good product. Let's get started, shall we?


The packaging was rather minimalistic, with plastic encasing it, which is really good with shipping because it tends to get a few dents in it. When I received it, it was in not too bad of a condition, it was the exact same as all of the other packages I've received from anywhere outside of Canada, and was able to hold the cargo fairly well, not damaging it in any physical way.

Packaging: 10/10


The hardware of the mouse is above adequate to say the least. The size fits perfectly in my hand, which I think my hand is an average size. The mouse is in a V-shape, kind of like a claw, and the scroll wheel does not have a base to it, it is held together by the two buttons.

The claw shape fits very comfortably.

Now some people may think they have seen this somewhere else before, and you're right. This mouse is a rather cost-efficient mouse of the Razer Orochi. The one thing that cuts the cost in a significant amount is the fact it is wireless and uses a receiver, while the Orochi uses Bluetooth and USB 2.0 technology.

The USB reciever(2.4GHz) is used to connect the mouse.

The mouse uses two triple A(AAA) batteries that are not included with the mouse. It is a small setback, but it is not really that bad. In order to get access to inserting the batteries, you need to get under the mouse cover, which is held together by three magnets at the back. It is a really good way of keeping the mouse together, but it is rather difficult to take apart. My solution to this is to pry at the front end so the left and right click buttons snap out of place, then the magnets give way, which probably isn't a good idea and is prone to breaking because it feels rather fragile.

The mouse now in half, the case taken off to reveal three magnets.

The USB receiver is just a bit smaller than a Canadian Loonie, which is nice because it fits perfectly within the USB port and doesn't jut out that much. The mouse is also plug and play so you just have to wait for the drivers to download and install, no hassle needed!

The USB Receiver is nice and small, but would be easy to lose.

The side of the mouse has contours on it, making it fit nicely in your palm, it also has two side buttons. These buttons, when used in an internet explorer like Chrome, it will bring you back and forward from web pages that you have loaded. This can get a bit tedious because it is really close to the curves in the mouse and you tend to press the buttons as you're scrolling through pages. Of course, in video games, these buttons can be programmed to do other actions.

The side of the mouse, a nice curve and two extra buttons.

The scrolling wheel of the mouse is a rather shiny plastic material. It does not seem that eager to give way, and the centre has rubber on it for grip when scrolling. Unlike the Orochi, this wheel does NOT light up. A disadvantage I found with the wheel was it would stick when scrolling, so it wouldn't really scroll that much. The wheel also squeaked when scrolling, making a little high pitch sound, which got really annoying while playing video games. A fix that I had to do by myself was take a pocket knife to the little wheel it is attached to under the casing and bend it a bit so it became more smooth. The squeaking still happened, but it occurred less and less as time went on, now the sensitivity of the scrolling is nice and smooth, but a bit too touchy at times.

A closeup of the wheel and DPI button.

The DPI(Dots Per Inch) button is a nice feature to this mouse, as it lets you adjust the sensitivity of the mouse so it is more reactive to movements. It has four settings: 800, 1000, 1200, 1600. The package lies and says it only goes up to 1200, but there is a setting after, which I believe is 1600 DPI. This is a great option, especially for video games which require high amounts of movement at fast paces, like any first person shooter. Although it is a good feature, it is flawed because the button sticks behind the case of the mouse and then you have to either take off the case or press against the case in order to press the button again, so you can't switch it quickly.

So let's go over the list of Pros and Cons quickly:

Nice V shape, fits nicely in hand
DPI Button
Magnetic Case to keep the top casing on
Receiver is small, doesn't jut out that much
Sleep mode after 5 minutes of no use

The two side buttons are really close to the hand, always press against thumb causing to go back pages on an internet explorer.
DPI Button is sticky
Scroll wheel squeaks and stick unless fixed by yourself
Can be small to some people's hands
Receiver is very easy to lose
Scroll wheel can be too sensitive and scroll up and down in a spasm, even when left clicking.

The hardware for the mouse is a great piece of work for the price. Even though it doesn't use Bluetooth, or the scroll wheel lights up, it's perfect for the price range and good on batteries.

Hardware: 8/10


The durability is great, considering it was able to make it from one continent to another! I have dropped the mouse on hardwood several times by accident, sat on it, carelessly dumped it into my backpack and it has survived in top notch condition.

Durability: 10/10


Overall, for the price of the mouse it was definitely worth the purchase. The mouse may be a knock-off of the Razer Orochi, but it has proven itself worthy and has a good amount of features. There are too many pros to not buy this mouse if you're on a budget and in need of a mouse for video games, or just general work.

Packaging: 10/10
Hardware: 8/10
Durability: 10/10

Total Score: 9.3/10

Thanks for reading, and thanks to DealExtreme for providing the mouse for purchase to people!

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  1. Shadz's Avatar
    Wireless. Not going near it.
  2. Lpp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadz
    Wireless. Not going near it.
    Oh well, and it's not for everyone but for response time it did very well and as an everyday mouse it works flawlessly, just saying
  3. Shadz's Avatar
    Eh, too many issues with wireless in the past. Also, the need for batteries is just cruel.
  4. Lpp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadz
    Eh, too many issues with wireless in the past. Also, the need for batteries is just cruel.
    Right, forgot to say the batteries weren't overall great and kind of chugged through a set already, but I'm glad with my purchase for my laptop for now, at least.
  5. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    I posted a sort of first impressions of a DX wired mouse a while back, you know they are surprisingly good. While I don't like wireless mice either, I'm certain this one is at least as good as some of the better wireless mice.
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