Steam Achievement Manager - Your One Click Solution to those pesky Christmas Coals

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Read this if you want to get some REAL gifts for the next Valve event.

If you were collecting those lumps of coals or getting those crappy coupons, then you'll known how frustrating it is to collect all those Steam achievements. I spent hours playing Total War Shogun 2 to collect "Requiem of the Dead" where you have to win a defensive siege battle with your main character during Winter. I got a bunch of the easy ones, but really I wasn't going to install some of the bigger games just to get one more coupon, and even less likely was actually buying a new game for it. But for the harder ones, I shamelessly YouTube'd a solution for the Team Fortress 2 gift grab and learned that there are tens of thousands of views on not only this particular video but a whole range of solutions for the different achievements. I was thinking of making one myself for the "Requiem of the Dead" since it is quite a difficult task to recreate the situation, but learned later from my friends that there is an easier method. This post should prove far more helpful (though probably less read) than the video I wanted to do.

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Steam Achievement Manager lets you check off which achievements you want and immediately unlocks them on your Steam account.

The solution is a small program called Steam Achievement Manager. I wish I had the time to post this up before the Steam 2011 event ended, but as usual I got in on this application pretty late. Basically the Steam Achievement Manager is a program that helps you unlock achievements for almost all games on Steam with nothing more than a click of a button. The beauty of this program is that the game simply needs to be on your games list, it doesn't need to be running or even installed. I had actually seen this program or at least some form of it long ago, but cheating out achievements for the sake of showing them off is pretty pointless, but lately Valve has been using achievements as promotion tools, and I'm certain this little program will come in handy again soon enough.

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I really wish I had time to actually do the Bastion achievement but I bought it at the end of the sale with precious little time to download and install the game then figure out how to get the achievement.

You can download the program at:

After grabbing the manager, you need to unzip the file anywhere. Before running, I should warn you that this is a blatant cheat. Valve may in the future decide that this is a bannable offense. But whatever the case, I've google'd this left and right, I've used it myself, no one has been VAC banned before for using this and it's highly unlikely, but still be wary and use with caution. With that behind us, have Steam running in the background then run Steam Achievement Manager. You will be greeted with a list of all the games on your Steam account (paid, free, installed, not installed, etc). If you double click a game, there will be a list of all the achievements available for the game. Just check off which ones you want and then click "store" on the top right and you will get the Steam notification that you have successfully earned the achievement.

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This is the main screen for Steam Achievement Manager. It lists all your games and you can just click into them to get the achievements. You can see that even Free to Play games are listed. The manager will work with almost all the games, but I did encounter one game where the achievements were "protected".

I hope you guys have fun playing around with this, and hopefully save some time in Valve's next event, and who knows if you get something good, you can leave a message here and let us all know.


  1. SoulSnatcher's Avatar
    I have too many games in my Steam account to risk getting banned although this is a nifty program.
  2. me_too_lazy's Avatar
    That's stupid, why would you risk cheating when they have all your games?
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