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1. All forum rules apply
- Quite simply, if it cannot be posted on the forum, it cannot be posted on the blog. You cannot attack anyone, they cannot be completely off topic, and they cannot contain anything inappropriate.

2. These blogs are informational!
- Your goal is to inform someone of something. This is not a blog for people who want to describe their day to day life, go on Xanga or something if you intend to use it that way. As long as there is a point in your blog, then it is okay, you can talk about going out to watch a movie with friends if you intend to tie it to a review of the movie or a general impressions.

3. Relevance
- This site covers a wide variety of topics, and the scope of your blogs can be fairly wide. But remember that we are based in entertainment, gaming, pass times, etc. The scope is rather large, so as long as it is not completely random, it is fine.

4. Professionalism
- These posts will hopefully be viewed by a large number of people, so I expect a certain amount of quality and work in each post. Try to work on spelling and grammar, limit the use of profanity, etc. This will not be heavily enforced, we all make spelling mistakes, but if you type a post entirely in 1337 speak, it will no doubt be removed.

5. Length
- This is something you have to decide on your own. If you submit a 10 letter post, it will be removed. However, I cannot specify a length, if you are simply announcing the release of a firmware, you can get a message across rather quickly, but if you want to write a review, I expect at least a hundred or so words.

- This blog is meant to be fun, and I don't want to sink you down with a whole lot of rules. All of the rules mentioned above can be summed up with this last one. Think before you post, and that is really all I want to get across.
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