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CycloDS Evolution Review

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CycloDS Evolution Slot 1 Solution For NDS/NDSL

Hi everyone today im gonna be reviewing the CycloDS Evolution DS Slot 1 Flashcard.Many of you must of heard the name some may also have the card but is it really worth the $60 or is it all about packaging we find out today in Rockstar's CycloDS Review.

Part 1-Packaging
You know anybody would be attracted to the cyclods when they see the packaging but when they go close and get a better look at the price tag most people run away.The cyclods comes in a tin box not too big.Its contents are a cyclods card and a microsd card reader with the cyclods evolution logo on it.The card reader isnt that great but does its job well.The packaging is good and you can keep the box at home to put stuff in.


Part 2-Setting It Up
So your done admiring the CycloDS and its wonderful box so now you must be wondering how do I set up the damn thing well its quite simple you just have to copy the latest firmware to your card and your done.
You can download it here

Set up-9/10

Part 3-The Menu
If youve used a non Dsi flashcart before then when you turn on the ds you'll think something is wrong because it didnt autoboot this is one of my favorite features the cyclods does not skip the ds menu making it easy to access download play and pictochat without taking the card out.After you tap the cyclods icon a loading screen wil popup aand then you will be taken to the cyclods menu if youve used the r4 or m3 simply the menu will look similar.There are 3 icons one for games and homebrew, one for multimedia and one for settings.When you press the first icon a fil browser will launch and will lauch any .nds file when selected.Not much to explain in the second icon it just launches moonshell.And finally the last icon lets you adjust various setitngs in your cyclods.Overall the menu is simple and easy to use which is a pro but i found it dull and thats my opinion.


Part 4-Compatibility
Ive Tested 40 games and all passed this cart has 100% compatibility but updates are not as frequent as they used to be back in 2007.
Homebrew,WiFi and Download play(Single Card Play) all work perfectly


Part 4-Pros And Cons

.100% compatibility
.Wii connectivity
.All download play and wifi suppeort
.Real Time save/Load
.Bonus features like slow motion
.can boot gba games directly from the menu(with a slot 2 expansion in the bottom)
.Simple Menu

.Menu lacks features and gets boring
.Team is getting less frequent with updates
.Its Overpriced

Bonus Features:
Slow Motion-Puts the game to slow motion mode like everything moves slow its an option just for fun
Real Time Save-Lets you save anytime in any part of the game its good if you wanna go somewhere but don't wanna find save points
Real Time Load-Lets you load your real time save data

The CycloDS evolution Is a great Flashcart if your new to the scene and need a good flashcart with a simple and easy to use menu and features.The in game menu is stable and games play fine, but its just not worth the large amount of money you pay all these gimmicks such as the tin box etc.
An equally powerful cart with all the features can by purchased such as the M3i Zero nd EZ Flash Vi and if you want the cart just to play a few roms with no added features there are other carts like the iTouch and Acekard 2 each of the mentioned carts can be bought for less than half the price of the Cyclo.

I give the CycloDS 7/10
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  1. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Great review rockstar, though I wish there were more pictures :P
  2. Rockstar's Avatar
    I dont have my carts and systems till feb i have exams the whole month so when i get them back ill take some pictures
  3. Jakob15's Avatar
    Work on your spelling and your grammar. Nice Review. Seems you were in a rush though when you were making the review.
  4. Rockstar's Avatar
    i didnt rush just because its short doesnt mean its rushed also ill run a spell check in a while
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