Nintendo Ambassadors and A 3DS Price Slash - What is the future for Nintendo?

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So! As many of you may have heard, the Nintendo 3DS has received a price cut. This is apparently the first price cut in history that happened in the shortest amount of time since launch. Only four months have passed, and Nintendo has already had to offer a $80 price cut, about 40% of the original $250.

What does it mean? For users that paid in full, they will become "Nintendo Ambassadors." They will get some NES games before the public release on eShop. These games include The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., and other high profile titles. Later in the year, by the end of 2011, Ambassadors will also receive a set of ten GBA titles that will not be released to the public, including popular titles like Metroid Fusion, and Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island. The total ticker is 20 games. All this is possible by logging onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop on August 11th at least once, by 11:59PM.

Now, this price cut is HUGE. Many websites are flipping out over it. What do I think about it? While I'm glad I can be an "Ambassador," it really makes me worry over the future of the 3DS. Part of the reason can be the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in March, just after the 3DS launched. Another is the competition from Apple's mobile gaming with the iPad. I think that the lowering was brilliant, but more like the move to pull in people to buy the big ticket 3DS games, such as Starfox, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7, all to be released in Quarter 4 of 2011. It's obvious, but makes the 3DS, to me, look like a sinking ship that did not make enough money. Nintendo botched up their launch, and now they're feeling the backlash of it. We're sick of the shovelware garbage, we're getting a good amount of games cancelled, and you guys continue to sob and moan about how your sales are hurt? I think Nintendo made a terrible choice for the launch, and they need to meet the consequences.

What say you? What do you think about the cuts? Are you happy? Post here!


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