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Nintendo Gaming...2010!

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What to look forward to from Nintendo in 2010!

As the years advance so does technology, gaming has been getting better and better as the years have been passing by.So today I give you a list of new advancements in the field of gaming to look forward too in 2010!

Nintendo DS:

Motion Sensing Games:

A few days ago the first DSiware title which had motion controls via the camera was released in the Europe DSi Shop the game itself was not so fun but it was proof of concept in my opinion.So in the coming year hopefully companies will use this as an edge to make great games.I would love seeing a Mario kart ds remake on DSiWare or as a DSi only game with these Tilt Controls.


During November 09 the DSi XL(LL in Japan) was released in Japan.The DSi XL has a much larger set of screens and improved battery life with the bonus of a giant stylus.It is supposed to launch in the states this year but no word on a European release yet...


The DS will see many great releases in the year 2010.Just to name a few:
Dementium II
Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth
Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Dragon Quest IX
Blaz Blue on DSiWare
Ragnarok DS
Golden Sun DS
WarioWare DIY
Sonic Classic Collection
Sands Of Destruction
Legend Of Kay DS

Next Generation Flashcarts:

After the announcement of the SuperCard DS TWO in late 2009 people knew it was supposed to be a killer it is set to release this month with:
GBA Emulation
SNES Emulation
New Fast Firmware
File Operations(Cut,Copy,Delete etc.)
It may also have support for multiple video formats like flv and avi.
This extra power can be used for the evolution of DS Homebrew.
I can also foresee other teams making their own flashcarts with the extra power used in the DS TWO.

Nintendo Wii:

Wii Motion Plus:

Wii motion plus was released in mid 2009 and was a mega hit thanks to Wii Sports Resort released shortly after.Wii motion plus will be shining in 2010 with many new games like Red Steel 2 to support it!

Vitality Sensor:

A device said to check pluse/heart beats while playing.Little is known about how this will be used but it is said to release games using it in July along with this accessory.

Zelda Wii:

The next Zelda for Wii is set to release in 2010 little is known about this game yet but it is confirmed for a release this year so all you Zelda fans get your remotes and nunchucks out!

Thank you this was my second blog entry hope you enjoyed it please leave a comment below


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