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Geez, I should have written this about a month ago.

The Saber Project

I started working with Xan at the end of October, beginning of November. I was looking for a saber smith that could make a saber, with a few little features here and there, at a college affordable budget. He whispered me, and wanted to know what I wanted in the saber. My saber currently contains:

-Custom shroudwork
-Windowed emitter
-Hasbro economy sound
-An accent LED
-Illuminated AV switch
-Custom paint job
-Red Main LED

I don't quite remember what parts were used, all I did was ask for the above features, and I sent him a picture of a reference model. He managed to pull it off very nicely!

Asking for a commission

Xan is definitely worth approaching. His prices were very fair and reasonable. His contact was superb, always asking for permission to proceed on certain parts, seeking approval. If I had to give him a score right now, for sure it'd be a 10/10.


The best part....

Feel free to leave comments about it! I love this saber and I have another one on the way, this one being a Gemini Concepts build (The Dark Infinity!)! Saber should be done and I'll post a review of it whenever I can! Oh, and huge kudos to FX's ASAJJ VENTRESS for providing me with the blade for this saber! Bless her and Vader's Vault for making a superb product!


  1. DeltaBurnt's Avatar
    Dear lord, how much did that amazing thing cost?
  2. benjaminlibl's Avatar
    Pardon my French, but it looks fucking awesome. I know I would love to have one lying around the house, I'll bet it makes for a great conversation starter. Sadly, I'm barely getting by each month. But it does look amazing.
  3. shadowhunter's Avatar
    If I told you the price you'd say I'm fucking crazy. I commissioned it for $180. And it was worth. Every. FUCKING. Penny! Something like this costs about 300-400 on average, but I found a really good smithy.
  4. DeltaBurnt's Avatar
    That's actually pretty reasonable for how amazing it looks. I recall I was once contemplating buying a keyblade (from Kingdom Hearts) for around that cost.
  5. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Yea 180 isn't bad at all imo. I was thinking at the 500+ level.
  6. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    FYI shadowhunter, I was having problems trying to front page this, so I hope you don't mind if I rehosted the pictures.
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