Resident Evil Revalaitons

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I got my copy of Resident Evil Revelations yesterday, I've been excited about it since the demo and preordered it almost immediately. Upon receiving it, I couldn't help but notice a gigantic typo in the spine. I must have been blind since it's been on the web for the last few days, but I find it shocking that a company could mass produce this and not notice.

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Oddly enough, this is for all North American copies. Most of the pictures circulating online are ones of the American version, but the Canadian cover has some differences (notably the French). It got through to two different covers.

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Capcom has recently stated that they'll replace the cover slips for anyone who cares.

As you may well have heard by now, the title of
is indeed misspelled on the spine of the game box (as "Revelaitons"). Unfortunately, the initial North American shipment of the game will reflect this error, but we just got confirmation that subsequent shipments of the title are being repackaged to have the correct spelling. Meanwhile, customers who have received the misspelled version can contact our Customer Service line at
or by email at
and we'll send you a new insert for your case. So yay!


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    Hoho, we at Zelda Informer were chuckling about this.
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