iPod 4G Cookiecase Review

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The first this thing people buy when they buy an iPod touch is a case. A case can change the look of your ipod and lets you make your ipod your own. Thereís tons of cases out there, but rarely do you find a case that improve your ipod touch. Out of the dozen cases Iíve tried, the cookiecase is the best.

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The cookiecase is made for the iPod touch 4th gen only. Itís comes in two version, and the only difference between the two is, one is black and the other have a smoke tint. It does not come with anything extra like a screen protector or cleaning cloth. The case is made from composite polycarbonate and the trim around the case is brushed anodized aluminum. This is by far the best looking case Iíve ever used. Your ipod touch will look like an iphone. The cookie case only adds 3.0mm (H) x 3.0mm (W) x 1.0mm (D) to your iPod.Installation is a simple snap on and youíre done

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What really makes this case better than its competition is how they improve the buttons.The buttons on the ipod touch is hard to use sometime because the ipod touch has a tapered design. This case definitely make the ipod touch easier to hold easier to use, the buttons are easier to press and itís not as awkward as before. As you can see in the picture the buttons sits perfectly on the ipod touch's tapered side and button position.

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How well does this case protect your ipod? I think this depends on how you treat your device. The cookiecase (assuming you have a screen protector) does protect you ipod from the scratches and dings associated with normal everyday use. But if you are clumsy and drop your stuff a lot, than this case might not work for you. There is no protection for your screen because the cookie case sits flushed. My son dropped it a few times and the case came off once from a 3 feet drop, luckily it was on the carpet. This case is more for looks and functionality.

I do have a few complaint about this case.
1. The case can get scratched easily, but at least itís not your ipod getting scratched.
2. For the price it does not protect your ipod as well as some other case.
3. It does not match the white ipod, I would like to see a crystal clear cookie case.
4. At $35 itís a little pricey. I would like to see this case priced at $20.

With this case itís easier to take pictures or adjust the volumes when watching a movie on a stand. It looks really good and it does not add a lot of bulk to your ipod touch. This is my favorite case, and works perfect for me. But this is not a case Iíll put on my kidís ipod. I highly recommend this case, itís a great case and youíll definitely like the way it look and fuction.

A big thanks goes to the awesome people at Cookiecat LLC for this review sample.

If you want to buy one of these case, you can do it here,
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  1. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    Ehhh, $35 is a little pricey for my taste. I'm slowly learning to appreciate pricier cases though, in the past I used to slap on whatever two dollar item DX had, but I finally see the value in trying some of the $15-$20 range.
  2. RoMee's Avatar
    That's what I thought too when I first saw it, but after a little hands on you'll start to appreciate it.

    I don't really buy cheap $3-$5 case for any of my handhelds/devices anymore.
  3. PharaohsVizier's Avatar
    I usually still have a cheap case any time I buy a new device. If I'm considering buying a device, like seriously considering it, I just go on ahead and order the cover off DealExtreme well beforehand. The dollar or two gives me time to shop around for an actual good case. They may suck in terms of look and feel, but those silicone cases do a fine job of protecting in the meantime.
  4. Unregistered's Avatar
    If you put the cookiecase on your touch, would a 4S case fit over top of that?
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